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Enter the Kingdom of endless possibilities and relentless Rocknroll soul. Formed organically through mutual admiration and shared ideals, ‘The Limit’ are ready to launch. Consisting of members of The Stooges, Pentagram, Testors and Dawnrider, some may call it a ‘super group’. But these gentlemen have no reguard for such titles. What they do have the highest reguard for is making real Rocknroll. This February 2020 they will come together to record a full length album in Portugal and play two exclusive ‘showcase’ performances there. The countdown starts now. Gear up for the excitement and experience the real deal with ‘The Limit’!

Miguel Martins completed the Basic Education Teachers of Music Education course at the Escola Superior de Educação de Setúbal in 2004. He worked with a guitar, bass, combo, harmony and other subjects teacher in the following schools and guitar master classes. Schedules to be defined with the teacher, open to all ages and levels of learning, electric and acoustic guitar. Contact: 932 052 139

On the weekend following Valentine’s Day, the incomparable MC Johnny Def is back at P&A with his live DJ set that promises to let everyone dance the night away.

Vagos Metal Fest continues to look for the best national and emerging talents in the metal industry in 2020. 12 bands compete in 4 cities for the opportunity to take the stage of Capital do Metal, in the 5th edition of the festival, which this year takes place between the 30th, 31st of July and 1st of August. The winners of each city are in the grand final where everything will be decided.

Art teacher, plastic artist and master in Portuguese Art History. “… I have a fascination for stones and the marks they contain… the history of the world and that of humanity ”.