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To access the lives see the page: https://www.facebook.com/rdbarcavelha/?ref=py_c&eid=ARAJZe68woYxmCb0KvgUQ-bEX4EQYLg1hwR17I2JXM0uHkpMTtK3NqA6nckdh6Vt2PFr40KlgkwI_I9m 

Cycle dedicated to bands, broadcast live on Facebook and Youtube pages, from Teatro das Figuras. The 2143 members have remained active in their homes, exchanging ideas over the phone; recording parts of songs separately; creating image and animation that can be articulated with live shows, which are intended to be multidisciplinary. In this sense, the Teatro das Figuras stage harmonizes perfectly with the idea of a show that the band hopes to create. The link to the video that we present below is an example of this articulation: the song “Chamada Bonita”, recorded separately by the members of 2143, each in his house, based on verses by the poet and critic Jorge de Sena and integrates a visual construction by José Jesus> https://youtu.be/xRJhUVRT0RQ  To see the broadcast go here: >> www.facebook.com/teatrodasfiguras >> www.youtube.com/teatrodasfigurasfaro

Ideias do Levante – Associação Cultural de Lagoa, through its project “Lagoa a Escrever”, will launch on July 1, 2020, the first edition of the literary contest entitled “Poetas de Lagoa” with the theme “Local Commerce”. This contest will be aimed mainly at adults and teenagers (from 12 to 17 years old) with the aim of promoting authors / writers from the Municipality of Lagoa (natural and / or residents), promoting a taste for writing and reading and, in parallel, in this edition, boost and promote local commerce in the municipality of Lagoa. There will be a section entitled “Pequenos Poetas de Lagoa” aimed at children (from 6 to 11 years old) but which will not be subject to competition. The competing works, alluding to the theme “Local Commerce”, written in Portuguese, must be presented in various forms / structures related to a poetic text, and the total number of words per work cannot be less than 77 words, nor more than 777 words, including title (s), notes and signature (s). Each author can only participate with an unpublished text. The jury, nominated by the organization, reserves the right not to award prizes or not to publish the submitted works, […]

Market open every Wednesday between 10 am and 2 pm and in the yard of Re-Criativa República 14 in Olhão. Local producers with organic products, selected handicrafts, clothes made of natural fibers, bread, honey from the mountains, natural cosmetics, etc …

“To commemorate Latoaria’s five years of existence, I decided to create a 20-minute solo for a single spectator, with a prologue performed by an actress. Starting from a rewrite of the words of Juliet of William Shakespeare, we intend to meet in a deluge , a sacrifice in the face of waiting, exhaustion and the inability to stop loving. Love as a revolutionary act far from the slavery of mediocre relations. The violence of every day in which we feel the great monstrous absences. Desire as a place of rupture, the encounter as a possibility and all the secrets we carry in the pelwe as vestiges of ancient experiments. God can come up surprisingly in the metaphysics of the obscene. words were mine. Time is counted as in a brothel. Juliet is a manifesto, the right to be loved for what we are and not for what we should be. Love until the last consequences always, submission never. “Tiago Vieira

These 8 Online Meditation Classes are for those who have no experience with the practice, but also for those who already do it regularly. These classes arise with the purpose of working with our Vital Energy, Ki or Chi, which, as the name says, is present in all Living Beings. Since our body is made up of 70% water and being water Energy, our emotions (energy in motion) are totally connected to our physical body, and more than that to our way of experiencing Life. Chakras or Energy Centers are a vortex where that same energy is located in our body, and these are associated with different levels of consciousness (the way we operate in the world). To have good physical and emotional health, these centers need to be harmonized. In these 8 classes I invite you to take a trip through your 7 main Energy Centers. In the next 8 Wednesdays we will have a Meditation class to harmonize each Chakra, and in the last class we will make a Trip through all Chakras. In this second class we will take a trip through the second Chakra – Swaddistana. FIRST FREE CLASS Prior registration is required Comfortable clothes Notebook […]