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Another Wednesday Winner!!!! Althea is back with us for a great afternoon of music and laughter. Book to save your seat on 282101236 or 913628520 Boring – but neccessary bit……. Can we remind everyone that hand gel is to be used on entry to Bar One, masks must be worn at all times inside the premises, when not seated and unfortunately we are still unable to dance (wriggling in the wicker is fine). We appreciate that sometimes these things are easily forgotten but these are the rules in Portugal and must be adhered to. To provide our customers and staff with a safe environment we will be forced to ask people that continually flout these regulations to leave.

Limited capacity, reduced according to DGS standards Tickets at https://tempo.bol.pt The original trio of marimba, percussion, oboe and voice is an artistic project created in 2017 that starts from the meeting between percussionist Vasco Ramalho, oboist Daniela Pinhel and singer Joana Godinho. This improbable fusion of three instruments that bring a new sound to the public, exploring singers such as Zeca Afonso, among others, and choro and bossa-nova, invoking some of the great names of MPB.

B.Sides is the new show at Casinos do Algarve, with another perspective on the success of past shows. It is also intended to present original views of new themes. B.Sides is a casino show where dance and music are the protagonists, resulting in an eclectic and fusion presentation, modern and traditional at the same time. Datasheet: Scenography – Joel Pais Production Assistant – Adelina Fernandes Lighting and Special Effects – Joel Pais, Jorge Sousa Technical Direction – Jorge Sousa Soundtrack – Joel Pais, Jorge Sousa Special Collaboration – Max Oliveira Choreography adaptation – Alessia Giustolisi, Grigory Shakhov, Olga Karasik Conception of the Show – Joel Pais Executive Production – Joel Pais

Road 31 takes the stage at O Castelo for a concert inspired by the Motown, R&B and Soul style and era. Voice: Ana Fernandes Guitar and voice: Pablo Ataide Banazol

Jack´s Irish Pub presents Martin Jonathan live monday-friday 6pm to 9pm.

corona rules apply (mask, distance, no dancing)

One more week of great live music at VIVA LA CICCIA – Steakhouse & Pasta! Fall in love with our “LIST OF THE BEST MEATS OF THE WORLD” or indulge in our unique daily home made fresh ravioli. We are open every day from 6:00 pm. Book your table now!

Live Music is back to Praça Vale do Lobo! Have dinner and enjoy the tunes of the bands this Summer from 19h30 to 23h THURSDAY – Wendy & Adam FRIDAY – M90 SATURDAY – Dieb Band FRIDAY – The Originals