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Surrendered to the contingencies of this conditioned lack of definition, we listened to our usual readers and listeners and decided to end this strange season with a session guided by Ana Lázaro, in partnership with Teatro do Eléctrico, on July 2 (Thursday), at 9:30 pm, via ZOOM. It is, therefore, extremely important that registrations are made in advance, so that we can send the text as well as the author’s instructions to potential readers. To do so, just send an email to makinadecena@gmail.com, by – no later than the 30th of June. ⚙This event is free to attend, but only the meeting link will be sent to participants who register in time. ANA LÁZARO (Playwright; Director and Actress) Ana Lázaro was born in 1982. He grew up in Leiria and made his debut at Te-ato – Theater Group of Leiria, before moving to Lisbon, at the age of seventeen, to enter the Higher School of Theater and Cinema where he completed the Degree in Theater – Actors. Formed also by ACT, she has worked since then as a theater actress, and on television, accumulating experience as an announcer; Director and Playwright, collaborating with several national theater companies, and integrating multidisciplinary […]

Original / International Title: Howaito Rirî / White Lily / Director: Hideo Nakata / Screenplay: Jun’ya Katô and Ryûta Miyake / Editing: Naoko Aono / Photography: Ryûto Kondô / Music: Shûichi Sakamoto / With: Rin Asuka, Kaori Yamaguchi, Shôma Machii, Kanako Nishikawa, Yuki Enomoto / Origin: Japan / Year: 2016 / Duration: 80 ‘/ Age rating: M / 18 Premiere date in Portugal: 06/18/2020 Nakata enters the world of Nikkatsu as assistant director of Masaru Konuma, but it is with Lírio Branco that he makes his first “Roman Porno”, paying a compliment to his master through this tribute to The Lady of Karuizawa (1982). Lesbian drama is reinvented here through a game of seduction and domination of a disturbing eroticism, between a pottery apprentice and her teacher, master, protector and lover – “I don’t love women, I just love the teacher”. Despite the disturbing contours that result from the entry of new characters in their loving and professional dynamics, this is a sublime love story about the difficulties in overcoming an overwhelming passion, and about the strength and personal growth necessary for that. LEOPARDO MOVIES

What’s next …… a unique event! Book your agenda now, 3, 4 and 5 July in Faro. We will enjoy the Algarve’s sun and sea, and share 3 intensive days of dancing. Battles, championship of all styles crew and Dancehall, workshops, after party, entertainment around the cities, discover Faro and its history … 3250 euros of prize money and 4 international judges!

Participating artists: A. Pedro Correia, Ana André, Ana Rostron, André Sancho, Andreia Rafael, Angelo Gonçalves, BASAP, Bertílio Martins, Black Mendes, Bruno Grilo, Christine Henry, Corpo Atelier, Dina Palma Dias, Edgar Massul, Fernando Amaro, Fernando Brazão, GAT.UNO, Gustavo Jesus, Hélder de Sousa, Isabel Baraona, Joana R. Sá, João Ferreira, João Timóteo, Jorge Mestre Simão, Jorge Pereira, José Jesus, Leandro Marcos, Luiza Schaefer, Mafalda Santos, Manuel Baptista, Margarida Soares, Maria José Oliveira, Marta Pedroso, Miguel Cheta, Miguel Neto, Milita Doré, Patrícia Garrido, Patrícia Serrão, Paulo Serra, Pedro Cabral Santo, Pedro Cabrita Reis, Raymond Dumas, Régis Vincent, Rodrigo Rosa, RoMP, Rúben Gonçalves, Rui Sanches, Ruy Otero, Susana de Medeiros, Susana Gaudêncio, Tânia Simões, Teresa Segurado Pavão,Tiago Batista, Vasco Marum Nascimento, Vasco Vidigal, Vilma Correia e XANA. After the opening day, no appointment is necessary. The exhibition will be open until July 26, 2020, with the schedule from Friday to Sunday, from 3 pm to 7 pm. Prior appointment required by June 11 to associacao289@gmail.com. Please indicate a name, number of members of the visiting group and desired time period. You will receive a confirmation email. Maximum 30 visitors per plot.

Friday and Saturday From 4pm till 11pm – Open Stage Due To The New Lifting Lockdown Measures, It Is With Limited Seats (60pers) So Please Reserve Your Table Call 964 078 191 . Hand hygiene and breathing etiquette; . Physical distance of 2 meters.

Every Friday: Pizza, Lasagne, all you can eat Firerplaces…. hot drinks cold drinks Life Music DJs Artists Performer 3 Stages 3 Styles of Music

An international jazz festival that started in 2003. Over the past 15 editions we have presented aesthetics and differentiated formations from Solo to Big Band with different soloist instruments (saxophone, voice, trumpet, piano, harp, vibraphone, harmonica, guitar, cimbalom, trombone …). Groups and musicians such as: Stanley Jordan (USA), Richard Galliano (France), Concha Buika (Spain), New York Voices (USA), Lokomotiv (Portugal), JDWalter (USA), Antonio Faraò (Italy), Omar Akim ( USA), Maria João and Mário Laginha (Portugal), Edmar Castaneda (Colombia), among many others. In 2020 we returned to the XVI Edition with a poster of quality and diversity, with the objective of always: to show different aesthetics and approaches in the area of jazz. Undoubtedly one of the reference events of the Municipality of Lagoa (Algarve).

“TEMPO OnLive”, an event composed of nine shows, recorded on the stage of the Grand Auditorium and on the terrace of the Theater, with no audience present, for exhibition on the municipality’s digital platforms, every Friday and Saturday, at 7 pm and 9:30 pm, respectively. In compliance with the deconfination plan that provides for the reopening of spaces, TEMPO OnLive brings together a group of 8 artists and 2 local bands, from different areas of the show, as a way of supporting the local artistic community, giving evidence that Culture is back, but safely. The choice of artists was made taking into account the naturalness or residence in Portimão, as well as giving priority to shows scheduled at TEMPO in this period and which, meanwhile, were canceled. The concerts can be viewed on the TEMPO and Portimão Facebook pages

The Three Virtues, a new circus show for the whole family. Come and see the most fun house in Faro! It is home to the Three Virtues, three characters with peculiar characteristics, who from one moment to the next find themselves confined to a house! A new family is created and, with it, new habits. How they interact with each other, how they deal with the extreme anxiety of leaving and with the neighbors who occasionally appear to destabilize even more! Come and have a coffee here at “Casa”! A play performed by Gérald Oliveira, Ricardo Morujo and Jéssica Barreto that punctually counts on the presence of the “Neighbor” Brígida Virtudes. Throughout the season, we will count on the participation of “Outros Vizinhos”, artists from the most diverse areas who will be invited to join the show.