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The best live Quiz game !! It’s called Dr. Why THE FIRST and only ELECTRONIC Quiz live in Portugal. All against all, in matches where you challenge your friends table by table. Form a TEAM and come and test your knowledge !!

Every Friday & Saturday of October, they will put their craft beers in the spotlight to make you discover new tastes. They will be collaborating with the best local and national craft beers of Portugal. Choose your favourite(s) and pair it with their delicious tapas boards their chef is crafting for the occasion! Bookings advised: +351 926 177 722 (Please note: As usual, their staff will strictly follow the measures of hygiene and health requirements, to ensure optimal safety among theyr clientele.)

The cultural association Ideias do Levante, will organize, at Espaço Portas do Sol, in Portimão, a special session entitled “Strengthening the Immune System – Movements and Practices”, guided by Patrícia Carolino and Tânia Costa, on October 16, 2020, from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. According to the facilitators, “this will be a special session for strengthening the immune system, working on our mental, emotional and physical body, where simple tools like conscious breathing will be used, which is a technique that can be used to reduce stress.” Facilitators will use meditation to quiet the mind, gain concentration, strengthen the brain while cultivating well-being. Finally, movements and postures that allow developing balance, agility and flexibility, as well as calming the nervous system, will be explored. Our café space (i.e., Balance Café) is usually closed from 16:00, but any interested parties can visit and enjoy the Villa Aqua bar / restaurant, in the same complex, before or after class.

Free entry, but subject to a capacity of 30 people upon mandatory prior registration here https://bit.ly/33ovXK8 Chamber music grouping: Luís Miguel Garcia (flute) Stefania Bernardi (flute) Mikhail Shumov (cello)

Friday, dont miss out… Please book in advance, because the restrictions, we do have limited space. Live music with GONÇALO RODRIGUES

Live jazz and bossa nova music with The Beatrice Band every Friday from 19:30 to 22:30! Tuck into our flavoursome food with a great selection of craft beers, wines and spirits, as well as our famous friendly service, it’s bound to be a memorable night! To book, give us a call +351 289 351 901 or email us at danos@quintadolago.com