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Loulé has “Memories in the Creative Subjective” An exhibition that presents a path, in which emotions and experiences are the main characters. If at first we are confronted with the importance of listening, in the next moment the stories heard and lived are revealed in an archive of memories. A rewritten and disseminated universe where the past may or may not be part of the present. Source: http://www.cm-loule.pt/pt/agenda/19217/memorias-no-subjetivo-criativo.aspx

Patent from October 27 to December 30 | 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm Location: Lagos Cultural Center – Exhibition Hall 2 and 3 Free entry A multidisciplinary collective exhibition, in the areas of sculpture, painting, installation, video and photographs, which addresses the evolution of the work of art as an object and the use of its materiality today. Three artists, from different countries (United Kingdom, Germany and Portugal), born in the 80’s, their vision in relation to artistic work, yours and that of your peers. The exhibition consists of sculpture, photography and video. They are hybrid works where the artists present their work at the intersection between the various established techniques. Tom Saunders’ photographs are ready made interventions that aim to create a narrative. Martim Brion’s photographs focus on the plasticity of the object, on the use of different supports, from photographic paper to large canvases with color prints. In sculpture, Martim Brion and Silke Weiβbach work on a perception of color in the object and its shape, indicating a strong connection to painting and aiming to subvert the form in order to criticize the current state of the art and its manifestations. On video, the works of Saundres and […]

Patent from October 27 to December 30 | 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm Location: Lagos Cultural Center – Exhibition Hall 1 Free entry Ivan Ulmann was born in 1976 in Switzerland, where he lived until he finished his course at the Escola Superior in St. Gallen in 1995. Between 1996-98 he carried out many works in stone, marble and granite for public and private spaces in the Algarve / Portugal. Inspired by the works of Antonio Gaudi and Andy Warhol, he changed his style in 1999 to broken tiles and discovered a new world of art. Since 2000, his sculptures and portraits have led to several successful exhibitions across the country. Fragmented Worlds: Welcome to a world made to be broken, Where time and past meet and where the present shapes the future, Where different perspectives lead to divergent conclusions, Where polarized interpretations create segmentation, strife and conflict, Where individual freedom is sacrificed on the altar of postmodernism. Welcome to the lands of ambiguity, Where faith and reason are harassed in favor of a “common good”, Where the security spectrum has become the new god of our age. Welcome to a brave new world When everything is changing and at […]

New Year’s Eve Programme 2020-2021 Wednesday 30th December 2020 Afternoon tea and cakes in our bar “Boa Vista”. Welcome buffet dinner “Black & White Night”. Prize for best outfit. Dance the night away in our bar “Boa Vista”. Thursday 31st December 2020 Say Goodbye to the old year with our Bucks Fizz Feast! A breakfast finale for 2020. Tea and cakes – melting moments in the afternoon in the bar “Boa Vista”. New Year’s Eve Gala buffet dinner celebration and dance in the ”Por do Sol” restaurant. “Midnight Madness” countdown to midnight and toast “2021” with sparkling- wine. Watch the firework display from our terraces. After midnight – early morning munchies. Friday 1st January 2021 Buffet Breakfast with “Bloody Marys”. “Charity Challenge”- 11.00 am jump the waves for a splashing start followed by “Hot Bomba” in the bar “Boa Vista”. Special New Year’s Day Hangover Brunch with live music. Our programme includes: 2 nights accommodation sharing a twin promenade room Price: € 310.00 per person sharing a twin room with promenade view. € 26.00 per night – single supplement. € 16.00 per person per night – seaview supplement. € 30.00 stay longer, arrive early or stay an extra night – […]