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In Portimão and Alvor, in July and August, the Municipality promotes cultural tours under the light of the moon and stars! 🌙⭐️ 📍On the 1st of July, the night tours return to discover the heritage of Portimão. Some secrets will be unveiled on a walk around the urban landscapes that characterize the city center. Starting at 9 pm, the meeting point will be the Bandstand, located in Praça Manuel Teixeira Gomes, and from there, participants will be invited to visit some of the most emblematic points of the city, such as Praça Manuel Teixeira Gomes, the Garden Bívar, Largo 1º de Dezembro, Igreja Matriz, Alameda da República, among others. They will be guided by techniques from the heritage area of ​​Casa Manuel Teixeira Gomes. 👉Sign up on 282 480 492 (from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm and from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm). Registration is free (but mandatory) and limited to a maximum number of 12 people (minimum of 6). In July and August, there will be nights that will leave you seduced by heritage! Follow Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CasaManuelTeixeiraGomes

OF INÊS MESTRINHO EMERGING CYCLE July 8th, Thursday at 9:30 pm Teia is a contemporary dance project based on the connection and interdependence between everything that exists; human beings, animals, plants, elements, the planet itself. Created in a historical moment in which human relationships take place at a distance, Teia actually speaks to us of two intertwined webs; the biological, living, organic, natural, which needed a break from the human being to regain health and strength, and the artificial, to which we cling now more than at any time in human history, where everything and everyone is linked by invisible threads, which carry love, friendship, longing, nutrition, life and death. Artistic and technical sheet: Original idea, creation, choreography, staging, artistic direction and selection of music and costumes: Inês Mestrinho Choreographic Assistance: Maria Nunes Costume assistance: Lucia Boragine Directing assistance: Jasmine Pereira and Alice Mousinho Interpretation: Gioia, Sofia and Lucia Boragine, Jasmine Pereira, Maria Nunes, Alice Mousinho, Lia Guerreiro, Lara Gonçalves, Lara Costa, Maria Margarida Vieira, Kelly Cardoso, Matilde Reis, Heliane and Sofia Rodrigues, Qamaya Domingues, Joana Mendonça, Marta Guerreiro , Indira Mendonça, Concha Abreu, Carolina and Mariana Anjos, Teresa Virgílio, Catarina Bernardo, Raquel Simão. Figuration: Beatriz Assunção, Inês Paixão, Ema […]

WEEKLY QIGONG CLASSES Experience the transformative and healing practice of Qigong and receive amazing results: more sensitivity to energy, deep self-healing and access to nature’s unlimited potential. Qigong is a powerful internal energy cultivation practice over 5,000 years old that continues to thrive around the world today. Why? Qigong activates your self-healing abilities, enhances performance, calms the mind, reduces stress, raises energetic frequency and increases vitality, to name a few. Qigong is all about energy. Energy is the vital, vibrating, moving force of nature that directly influences the quality of our health, happiness and aging process. Every one of us is a living matrix of life force energy. The question we ask is how is your energy moving? Is it moving in the way of vibrant health, optimal performance and loving connection? Or is it moving into states of stress, fatigue and stagnation? Qigong helps people develop the skills to become active participants in the state of their own energy. With Qigong you learn how to remove resistance to the flow of energy so you can tap into your own source of effortless power. Qigong uses awareness-based movement and self-healing techniques to activate your inner healer and emphasizes the wisdom […]

On the 9th of July, in the Municipal Museum of Tavira – Nucleo Islâmico, the exhibition “From Triana to Tavira. Sevillian ceramics from the 14th to 17th centuries”, which aims to make known the commercial relations between both cities.

A Quinta – Garden Café & Lodges, Silves Vikram Groove Show (9 Jul 18:00) John Stprey Blues Explosion (10 Jul 14:00) The Daze (11 Jul 14:00) Woodstock Revival (16 Jul 18:00) Sunshine Sessions (17 Jul 14:00) Ivan & Company  & Party Red (18 Jul 14:00) Back to thr 80’s (23 Jul 18:00) Steve Solo (24 Jul 14:00) Suzanna Wilson (25 Jul 14:00) Woodstock Revival (30 Jul 18:00) Jackson Rivers (31 Jul 14:00)

“Iris Johner’s music wanders free, as she is, contemplative, reflective, and determined to express something real. She is an autodidact singer-songwriter hitting the road with only her guitars, voice, and grit. Her latest EP ‘Far Down South’ is a tribute to the South West corner of Portugal, where she is currently based, as an independent professional musician. If it’s got pop accents, the tracks definitely feel folksier with 90’s acoustic alternative vibes. The simplicity of the production highlights a powerful, profound, and warm voice, which cannot leave indifferent for it carries in the accuracy of its words, the roar of the soul and the grace of a moonless night.” You can follow her @into_ones_mind