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JOURNEY TO PORTUGUESE LIGHT MUSIC, by Orquestra Ligeira de Lagos October 23 | 9.30 pm Location: Lagos Cultural Center Org.: Orquestra Ligeira de Lagos Class Age: M6 Ticket: €10 Special guests: João Leote and Ana Valentim Tribute to Portuguese music: great Portuguese performers and composers in a show that will be a journey throughout the 20th century. Homage to Maria de Fátima Bravo, Júlia Barroso, João César and the Corridinho Algarvio. The repertoire also includes themes celebrated by Max, Simone de Oliveira, Jorge Palma, António Variações, Zeca Afonso, Amália Rodrigues, among others.

The Circle of Voice The workshop “O Círculo da Voz” is a laboratory for improvisation and vocal creativity that was founded in 2017 by singer Manuel Linhares. This workshop aims to present new ways of working with voice, improvisation and musical creativity, democratizing access, boosting communities of singers and boosting interdisciplinary artistic creation. Manuel Linhares often works as an assistant to artists such as Meredith Monk or Bobby McFerrin and has extensive experience as a facilitator of musical workshops and retreats. He works regularly in Porto but in the last 2 years, and even during a pandemic, he took “O Círculo da Voz” to Coimbra, Lisbon, Évora, Aveiro, Leiria, Matosinhos, Caldas da Rainha. “O Círculo da Voz” is now coming to the Algarve for the first time with this unique experience that aims to boost vocal improvisation and creativity. Minimum number of participants: 6 Prices: 22€ non-members 20€ members Hours – 11.00 – 13.00 Registration: reservas@re-criativarepublica14.pt ——————————————– “the voice as a possibility of artistic and individual expression, but also as a manifestation and construction of a common space, through circlesinging and other exercises in singing and group improvisation, contemporary techniques for working the voice, other than the traditional choral forms, […]

10th CELESTE RODRIGUES GALA AFA – Algarve Fado Association SUN. OCT 24 // 4:00 pm Duration: 90’ // M/12 Tickets: €10 / AFA Members – €5 The already traditional Gala of the AFA – Associação de Fado do Algarve, has been dedicated for some years to the godmother of this institution, the fado singer Celeste Rodrigues. At the 10th Celeste Rodrigues Gala, the AFA presents once again on the stage of Teatro Lethes, about two dozen fado singers and guitarists in an event where the complicity between artists and audience is usually intense. COMMUNITY Interpretation: Guest Artists Promoter: AFA – Algarve Fado Association

Natives of Extremadura Leiriense, André Murraças (Saxophone) and José Vieira (Guitar) have been collaborating musically for almost a decade. Having shared the stage and projects numerous times, the two musicians decided to bring their art together in a recital that showcases their original compositions. For this musical performance, they join the exquisite rhythmic section of the Algarve composed by Hugo Santos on Contrabass and Maximilliano Lannos on Drums.

O Cantaloupe Café, nos Mercados de Olhão, tem o prazer de anunciar que vai apresentar no próximo dia 24 de Outubro, Domingo as 18h00 o espetáculo : Once well known in the Algarve, the Baby Jazz Band reunites for a concert with their former teacher Zé Eduardo to celebrate 20 Years since they started working together. Coming together from all over the World, they will present a brand new and stylistically diverse, original repertoire. In 2001 the young and enthusiastic Band consisting of friends and siblings that grew up together in a community project attended a workshop organized by the Master Jazz Bass player and educator. He quickly recognized the potential of the youngsters and offered to take them under his musical care. In the following seven years, he trained and supported them intensively. He taught them the language of Jazz starting from the base, played concerts with them, took them on tours, and involved them in musical projects. They absorbed as much of his knowledge as they could and grew as a Band and as instrumentalists: From euphoric amateurs into professional Musicians playing tours and festivals all over Europe. In 2008 the Band dissolved, the „Jazz Babies“ flew out […]