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The Last Internationale in Loulé In December, The Last Internationale will perform at Bafo de Baco. The Last Internationale are going on an Iberian tour in December and in Portugal they have three dates scheduled: the 4th at Hard Club, Porto, the 5th at Texas Bar, Leiria and finally, the 6th at Bafo de Baco, Loulé. The band is known for energetic concerts. The debut album “We Will Reign” was released by Epic Records in 2014 and was produced by Grammy-winning rock producer Brendan O’Brien and features drummer Brad Wilk (Rage Against the Machine) who joined. to the band also on tour. The band’s long-awaited second album, “Soul On Fire”, was released in February 2019 and was produced at Estúdios Sá de Bandeira in Portugal. On drums is Joey Castillo (Queens of the Stone Age). In this Iberian Tour they count on the help of Eloy Casagrande from Sepultura on drums. Tickets cost €12 and are already on sale at Ticketline and on the spot, on the day it will cost €15. Due to the new restrictions, the use of a mask within the venue will be mandatory.

SEND ALL BUZ AMIGOS PEZ SEND ALL SEZ FRIENDS PLEASE SHARE THANK YOU 07 december x tuesday bespa holiday CLUB VIDA _ALGARVE x From 00h to 8h JOZO TYPE PARTY The 1st Edition is coming with a night of NON STOP music We’ve gathered a range of artists that together will make a CUSHION Can you take it?? SORAIA RAMOS MITO KASKAS AF96 DJs DJ EL J, DJ TYSON, DJ AXELKOSTA Ticket pre-sales only together with the promoters, only at the end of the month and only in the indicated places €25 Man & Woman €20 w/ free pass: 910672008/934799879/963801930 Table reservations: 918820098 Don’t forget to bring your vaccination and test certificate We count on your presence SHARE THANK YOU BOSSONS & AF96 PRODUCTIONS

Urban Art Exhibition Opening > November 27th at 6 pm Exhibition > 217 November to 31 December Location > LAC – Creative Activities Laboratory Opening hours > Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Guest Artists MUSTAD (PT) Huariu (PT) MFleming (PT) Tamara Alves (PT) LAC Curatorship LAC – Creative Activities Laboratory is a structure financed by the Portuguese Republic – Culture / Directorate-General for Arts and by the Municipality of Lagos. Sponsors: Tivoli Lagos, Tintas CIN Media Partners: RUA FM – Rádio Universitária do Algarve, Rádio Utopia

CHRISTMAS FESTIVITIES – LAGOS 2021 December 1st to January 6th Location: Municipality of Lagos Org.: CM Lagos, Lagos em Forma, ACARAL, ZooLagos, local businesses and local associations Lagos is dressed in the colors, sounds and lights of Christmas to celebrate another festive season. The municipality proposes a series of activities and initiatives to promote Christmas values ​​with all the safety and comfort. Celebrate the magic of Christmas with Lagos! CHRISTMAS ANIMATION: ARRIVAL DO PAI NATAL, with animation by the Experimental Theater of Lagos “Os Piratas” December 4th | 3:00 pm Location: Praça do Infante FATHER CHRISTMAS HOUSE, CHRISTMAS INFLATABLES and ICE RIDE December 4th to 24th | Mondays to Fridays from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm, (December 24 closes at 6:00 pm) Location: Praça do Infante MUSICAL ANIMATION WITH STUDENTS FROM COLÉGIO BAMBINO November 27th and December 11th | 11:00 am Location: Gil Eanes Square ROUNDING ANIMATION December 11th and 18th | 11:00-13:00 and 15:00-17:00 Location: Historic Center and Avenida Market ANIMAÇÃO MUSICAL, by the Sociedade Filarmónica Lacobrigense 1º de Maio December 11th and 18th | 11:00-13:00 Location: Santo Amaro Market JOSÉ CORTES’ crib […]

Brief introduction CAPICUA’s album “Madrepérola” won over audiences and critics in 2020. After years of intense concerts, with repertoire from previous albums, Capicua made a “reset” and started a new tour, with a new album, a new lineup and a new scenario, in the middle of a year of pandemic and the shows that managed to materialize were received by the audience of open arms and with many smiles. “Mother of Pearl” came to renew the repertoire, the spirit of the rapper’s show and proved to be a real gem for the audience! It’s a show with more songs, more sung and more danced. In addition to the musicians who usually accompany her (D-One, Virtus, Luís Montenegro and Sérgio Alves), Capicua began to be flanked by two sung voices (Inês Pereira and Joana Raquel), to live up to the musicality of the new themes and open up new possibilities of discovery of the old repertoire, with the reinvention of old themes. Visually, the show gained a new identity, with lots of light, textures and shine, an allusion to the iridescence of mother-of-pearl and the polychrome of underwater charms. Lots of vital energy and poetry converted into music, as you want […]

Nossa Senhora da Conceição, Patron Saint of Portugal, is annually honored in the city of Quarteira on December 7th and 8th, in what is one of the most emblematic religious festivals in the Algarve region. In addition to the religious celebrations, on December 7th there is the candle procession and on December 8th the parade of fishing boats, which accompany the religious procession, to the Fishing Port of Quarteira. It should be noted that the Feast in Honor of Nossa Senhora da Conceição has deep cultural roots (the image was found by fishermen over 200 years ago) in the fishing community and in all of Quarteires. The Festa da Nossa Senhora da Conceição de Quarteira is organized by the Parish of Nossa Senhora da Conceição Quarteira, Parish Council of Quarteira and Municipal Council of Loulé.

Created in 1994 by radio broadcaster Fernando Alvim, the Thermometer reaches its 26th edition with a considerable history, for what will be one of the oldest and most active Portuguese festivals. Winning him or not, it was here that many bands and artists would reveal themselves, as an example are Ornatos Violeta, B Fachada, Capicua, Dj Ride, Mazgani, Ana Bacalhau, David Fonseca, Noiserv, Richie Campbell, Salto, Tatanka and Jaguar, Jaguar(BE), Neon Soho (winners of the last edition), among many others. 🆓 Free entry. Tickets available at the TEMPO ticket office and at https://www.eventbrite.pt/ 👉 PARTICIPATING BANDS: 🎙️ lordkez: Online performance lordkez is an emerging, multidisciplinary artist from Johannesburg, South Africa. In the Brithish GQ article “One of the musicians to make 2020 better” she explains that “lordkez mixes genres with the same skill with which she writes clever lyrics. Yes, she’s the whole package: incredibly cool, talented and in control of her sound.” Speaking of sonority, her first musical memory was seeing her mother and uncle play the organ in church. As a teenager she quickly learned to play the instrument and play the guitar on her own, all by ear. 🎙️ VIOLET LIGHT Violeta Luz is a ritual, an […]

PENIS MONÓLOGOS, with Ricardo Carriço and Ricardo Castro December 7th | 9.30 pm December 8th | 18:00 Location: Lagos Cultural Center – Duval Pestana Auditorium Org.: CM Lagos Duration: 80m Class Age: M16 Ticket: 13 € | Tickets available at Centro Cultural de Lagos and through Ticketline The comedy that reveals what men really say about women. Women (guys) have always been very curious to know what men (guys) talk about when they gather around a table in a bar…Simple isn’t it? The motto is then set for a good laugh in the comedy “Monologos do Pénis”, a conversation between two friends that reveals what men silence when women are present – their desires, preferences and concerns. Confessions between a “life-eater” car salesman and a “sophisticated” journalist and writer. The life experience of each of these friends sets the tone for a conversation in which they speak openly and reflect on the female soul and the woman’s body, often without even using words to define it. A portrait of behavior, through two very distinct speeches… We’ll hear issues related to sex, performance in bed, advantages and disadvantages of marriage and divorce, fetishes, conquests and desires related to anatomical details, among […]

Viva La Ciccia Padel Tour On the 8th of December, don’t miss out on your opportunity and come and enjoy your holiday in the best way! • Prize: Dinner at @vivalaciccia_steakhouse for each member of the duo • Minimum 5 games guaranteed • Inscriptions: contacts in the bio limited vacancies

WHERE THE MIRRORS GO WHEN THEY DIE, by TEL December 10th | 18:00 Location: Lagos Cultural Center – Duval Pestana Auditorium Org.: TEL – Experimental Theater of Lagos Duration: 60m Class Age: M16 Ticket: €7 (usual discounts apply) “Where Do Mirrors Go When They Die?” is an adaptation of a work by Arnold WesKer, performed by three women, whose theme is centered on the issue of abandonment and loneliness in old age. In a society increasingly oriented towards consumerism and the absence of values, the play warns of the indignity and contempt that older people are subjected to, often labeled and left to be abandoned. Three women, three lives that intersect and intertwine, in a crushing web, where only a ray of life holds them by a thin thread. Women who feed on a deaf and blind revolt against those around them, in a cry of despair and denial, against a reality in which they feel imprisoned, with only an immense loneliness for company. DATASHEET: Text: Arnold Wesker Adaptation and Directing: Silménia Magalhães Cast Maria Rojas, Rosário Magalhães and Teresa Boniné Production: Nelda Magalhães Communication and Advertising: Ana Moura Graphic Design: Tomás Anjos Barão Sound and Technical Support: Pedro Correia […]