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Tribute Night at Pedra Mourinha in Portimão with Tributes to System Of A Down and Pantera

Marginália Cultural Association presents: Tribute Night at Pedra Mourinha in Portimão with the Baixo Cu Sistema (Tributo a System Of A Down) and Tributo Pantera (Beyond Strength). Input: 12€ (General) 10€ (Marginália Members) Tickets: http://marginalia.bol.pt http://www.bol.pt Become a member of AC Marginália at: http://www.marginalia.pt

Diogo Piçarra performs at the Carlos do Carmo Auditorium with the tour “Vem Cantar Comigo”. The concert will take place on May 14, at 9:30 pm. Synopsis: Entitled “Vem Cantar Comigo”, this tour marks the first time that Diogo Piçarra will perform completely solo on stage and has the particularity of having a very special guest at each concert. Diogo Piçarra will challenge someone from the region to sing with him on stage. This challenge will be placed through the artist’s social networks, where interested parties will be invited to submit a video to participate in the selection process. The Tour “Vem Cantar Comigo” will be an occasion for duets. On stage, solo, Diogo Piçarra will work instruments and forms that we have never seen him explore live, and will be accompanied by a surprising scenario. In the lineup of these concerts, in addition to the hits that have marked the artist’s career, there will certainly be no lack of “Vem Dançar Comigo”, his new single, an inspiring song, with an engaging melody and an intense interpretation, which is one of the great attributes singer, songwriter and producer. Tickets cost €15 and are already on sale at: https://ticketline.sapo.pt/…/diogo-picarra-vem-cantar… and at […]

During the month of May, the Municipality of Silves presents several initiatives at the Teatro Mascarenhas Gregório, recognizing the importance of this art in the development of the municipality of Silves. The theater awaits you! Discover the program we have reserved for you: » 14 May 2022 “Those Sad Days” Company: Teatro Análise de Loulé Venue: Teatro Mascarenhas Gregório Time: 21:30 Target audience: M/12 Admission: Free | TMG doors open one hour before each show Capacity: 150 seats Synopsis This piece portrays our Portugal in the late forties. More precisely in the village of Sol Postinho. Aleixo still wandered through the fairs, declaiming here and there his quatrains that were always much admired wherever he went. In the village of Sol Postinho lived a family whose life problems were similar to so many Portuguese scattered from Algarve to Minho. Thus, Rosa Maria, one of the characters in this story set in many sad days of that time, intends to obtain her 4th grade diploma in order to help her poor mother who never fails to emphasize that she is illiterate because she had to take care of three brothers, due to of parents working from dawn to dusk to earn […]

As we step into the month of May, we are back at Casa das Virtudes. Showcasing the finest local drum and bass Djs in the Faro region. We have a special announcement on the run up to this event, keep your eyes peeled for the flyer drop for our event in June. Come along on the 14th of may, bring your smiles, dancing shoes and big energy. Come and see the Invasion.

The surprising comic show “Pi100Pé” by Fernando Rocha returns to the magnificent auditorium of the Palácio de Congressos do Algarve, to entertain all those interested. This is Stand-up Comedy at its best with excellent comedians: Fernando Rocha, António Raminhos, Rui Xará and Joana Gama. A huge amount of fun with lots of good laughs for everyone. Tickets from €13. Cast: Fernando Rocha Antonio Raminhos Rui Xará Joana Gama

Live music with the band Psychles Punk/Grunge and the djs Rockindad, Michey Rock and Djam99.