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The Teatro Mascarenhas Gregório (TMG) will host, on May 26, at 9:30 pm, the dance show “Sem Return”. With strong inspiration in the life and work of Manuel Teixeira Gomes (1860-1941), writer and seventh president of the First Portuguese Republic (between 1923 and 1925) and born in Portimão. Created by Ana Alberto and Thora Jorge, with artistic direction by Nilsen Jorge, and production by Dancenema – Associação Cultural, the choreographers and performers assume this show as a tribute, but also as an attempt to understand the aesthetic vision of Manuel Teixeira Gomes. The show, aimed at young and adult audiences, has free admission. The TMG doors open at 8:30 pm.

In May, Portimão is once again the international capital of Rhythmic Gymnastics. The city is preparing to host a stage of the world circuit of Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cups, organized by the Portuguese Gymnastics Federation and the Portimão City Council. The competition will take place from the 27th to the 29th of May, at Portimão Arena. However, the Portimão International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament, as usual, precedes the World Cup, offering an opportunity for younger gymnasts to compete in the same arena as the world’s rhythmic gymnastics elite. The oldest event on the national competition calendar will take place between the 23rd and 25th of May.

The succulent flavors of the stew and the sea are kings of the 23rd edition of the Caldeirada e do Mar Festival, which will take place from the 27th to the 29th of May, in Armação de Pêra. Organized by the Municipality of Silves, the event involves 17 restaurants in this village, which present numerous gastronomic proposals to make your mouth water.

A TAP ON THE FOREHEAD VATe – ACTA Educational Service 27 MAY to 1 JUNE Fri. To have. and Wed. 10:30 am/2:30 pm Sat. 10:30 am Tickets: 5€; Schools – 3€ Duration: 30′ // M/6 “Imagine a world without water, without the sound of animals, without the sound of rivers, without the smell of flowers… a dry world, completely dry”. This is Mr. Waste that, through a Machiavellian plan, intends to wipe out all the water on the planet. The spell turns against the sorcerer and he ends up realizing that water is for sparing and without it you cannot live. “Uma Tap on the Forehead” is a fun dialogue between two characters, appealing to the importance of environmental education and the conscious use of water. Concept: Gustavo Tuti Nunez // Creation, Text, Manipulation: Luís Manhita and Raquel Ançã // Puppets: Natacha Pereira // Actors Direction/ Manipulation: Jeannine Trévidic // Light Design: Octávio Oliveira // Light and Sound Operation: Adriana Pereira // Music: Luís Manhita // Musical Arrangements: Nuno Balbino // Voice: Anapi // Costume Support: Gianni Bach // Project Coordination: Jeannine Trévidic // Photo: Rita Merlin A VATe production – ACTA Educational Service

TAKE ME TO HEAVEN HOT AIR Rooftop Theater of Figures May 28, Saturday, 8:00 pm Duration: 30 minutes approximately Age rating: to be announced Prices: €2.50; ticket with “Floral Arrangement” € 7.00 Nothing is conventional, but at the same time, nothing is strange. The immensity welcomes us and shows us what we want and what we can see. We cross the landscape and live it within ourselves. We create inner narratives that take us to places where only we can fully penetrate. We ascend to the sky, in an intrepid flight, which is frightening! We have our feet on stones and a heart that doesn’t want to petrify. We move to tear down walls. Artistic and technical sheet: Creation: ArQuente – collective creation Directed by: Carolina Cantinho Performers: To be determined Production: ArQuente – Cultural Association

Org.: Desafiar – Cultural Association of Amateur Theater As part of the “Viva a Primavera” program

FLORAL ARRANGEMENT FROM FILIPE PEREIRA Theater of Figures May 28, Saturday, 9:30 pm Duration: 60 minutes Age rating: over 12 years old Prices: €5.00; ticket with “Take me to Heaven” € 7.00; Choreographer and dancer Filipe Pereira presents Arranjo Floral, a conference-performance about an artist born in Fátima, among gigantic processions, flower arrangements and religious souvenir shops. A journey that takes us through a biography that goes from faith to atheism, from virginity to sexual awakening, from the art of flowers to the art of dance and vice versa. Accompanied by flowers, choreography and stories, Filipe makes us think about how much of our past is in everything we do, how much of our destiny is written and how much is in our hands. Artistic and technical sheet: Creation and Interpretation: Filipe Pereira Voice Off Audio: Maria de Oliveira Coelho Photographs: Filipe Pereira, Manuel Pereira and António Marto Point: Pedro Penim Curated by Lola Arias Dramaturgy: Bibiana Mendes Picado Artistic Residency Support: Victor Córdon Studios Co-production: Teatro do Bairro Alto – Tba and Teatro Praga