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Friday the 9th, night of FUNKZINHO The funk festival! -Djs, Mc, dancers, animation, special decor! – Ladies come early! Admission is free until 2am!! -Men 10€

Workshop based on the work “A happy and direct piece about sadness, which was on the scene at CTL. Project that starts from a vital and close encounter – with the public – to talk about the themes of sadness, isolation and maladjustment. A deep dive into movement, theatrical composition and dramaturgy, which seeks answers to many questions. Duration: 26 hours M/12 Free entrance Max: 20 participants Registration: cinereservas@cm-loule.pt

Photography Exhibition Sagres Promontory [Sep 10 👉 Oct 4] Bishop’s Village, The extreme southwest of Europe. For a long time I called it the “Last Border Post”. A unique climate and landscape, a different and dichotomous Algarve, a point of passage, of visit, occasionally of fixation. Among those who stay here we find a little from all over the world. This project is a portrait of that special world and about a unique period in our lives. About the peace that some kids I met when I was 11 years old helped me find at the last border post where I lived. With everything that matters to me, family, and what we’ve learned to call home, space is so central to our well-being. Today, and looking back over the three years I lived here, it is with gratitude that I keep the memories of the places, the emptiness of the confinements and the joy of returning to normality. village of Bishop will always be all that. And those amazing kids and the stories they shared with me. I will always be grateful. Jorge F. Marques, I was born in 1973. I didn’t get to photography early, but I took the […]

The purpose of this workshop is the elementary technical and musical work of one of the iconic instruments of Portuguese culture: the adufe. We will work on the handle of the instrument (balance point between hands), the three basic blows and the best mechanism to execute them. In a second phase the workshop will focus on the musical work of two traditional rhythmic patterns, in 2/4 and 3/4, on traditional Portuguese melodies. In two hours of workshop it is intended that the trainees have a basic knowledge about the context of the instrument and its musical potential, both in the traditional and in the contemporary universe. WORKSHOP AND MASTERCLASS TICKETS: 5€ Prior registration to the email: diaspportimao@gmail.com Detailed program at: https://www.dpportimao.pt

Until September 26, 2022, collect points with your Privilege Club card. Qualify for the 2022 Machine Tournament final and you could win a “CARIBBEAN CRUISE”. Check the regulation at https://www.gruposolverde.pt/promo…/cruzeiro-nas-caraibas/ The posted timetable is not binding Minimum two players For more information, contact us at rpjogo.ca@solverde.pt

workshops / jamsessions / audiovisual concerts feat Matt Black (Coldcut) + Dinaz Stafford Jamm AV set Dr Walker (Air Liquide / Djungle Fever / Liquid Sky artistcollective) on the experimental floor NAJ – NoiseAmbientJazz (Santana da Serra) live Uli Sigg (lsbTV / Liquid Sky artistcollective) Numinos (Navap / lsbTV) Moogulator (sequencer.de / lsbTV) Uemit Han (lsbTV / trapez / traum) Bob Humid (lsbTV) more artists t.b.c. stay tuned