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The 19th edition of LOUD & FAST will take place on the 1st of April 2022 at Casa das Virtudes in Faro. In this edition, in addition to the usual presence of hosts DIRTYKING, VILLAIN and F.E.A.R., this time we will once again have live music on the lineup. If in the previous edition we had the weight of SHADOWMARE, this time we will have the participation of two punk bands from the Algarve: CONTRA CORRENTE and OS MARAFADOS. Show up and bring another friend too… BECAUSE NOTHING IS BUILT ALONE ********************************************** Location : Casa das Virtudes, Faro Date : 1 April 2022, Friday Opening: 21:30 Start: 22:00 Input: TBA

Friday the 1st of April FROM THE CAPO One of the best Afro House djs/producers today. In his brief visit to Europe, Da Capo confirms his performance at CLUB VIDA!! Book your table now Rc floor 120€ 4 people 1 serving bottle 200€ 6 people 2 bottles (or 1 premium bottle) 300€ 8 people 3 bottles (or 2 premium bottles) upper floor 150€ 4 people 1 serving bottle 250€ 6 people 2 bottles (or 1 premium bottle) 350€ 8 people 3 bottles (or 2 premium bottles)

DJ FRANK GOMEZ On April 1st the Prestige •DanceClub• will open its doors to celebrate a great Friday night with our Resident DJ. On the 2nd we have an International DJ named Dj Frank Gomez on stage, who will present us with a magnificent musical show. Accompanying him behind his go go dancers to liven up the night. From 23:00 until 04:00. Resident DJ: DJ Dyezy

Exhibition by Françoise Devroede and Raymond Parfait The artist Françoise Devroede is part of a new generation of artists dedicated to the creation of high heald tapestries, which perpetuate this art that made Flanders notable. Her tapestries are unique works. Classic in terms of materials and weaving, they are contemporary in their design. The artist Raymond Parfait has combined a lifelong career in the biomedical industry with painting and ceramics. Fascinated by the lights, colours, landscapes and traditional architecture of the Algarve, he immortalizes them in his watercolors, portraits and oil paintings. Organization: City Council Municipal Gallery Address: Av. da Liberdade // Opening hours: 09:30h > 13:00h | 2:00 pm > 5:30 pm Phone: 289 840 211 // E-mail: municipe@cm-sbras.pt Closed: Monday morning, Saturday afternoon and Sunday Source: https://www.cm-sbras.pt/pt/agenda/12267/exposicao-galeria-municipal-dois-artistas-duas-tecnicas”.aspx