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Feast of the Emigrant 2022 With your family in mind, we have a little bit of everything to offer: a musical poster for all tastes, ACTIVITIES and interactions for all ages, a space dedicated just for children with INFLATABLES, BARS and RESTAURANT and to finish off big, you’ll be able to CAMP there so you don’t miss anything from this PARTY that we organized thinking of YOU and YOURS Cachopo Party 2022 (August 12/13/14) You are still thinking about what to do this weekend, we already have everything organized, just the essentials are missing, that is, YOU and YOUR FAMILY AND/OR FRIENDS To remember our poster: – Seraphim – Ruben Filipe -Wilson & Gisela -Silvino, – Ranch – Dance company – DJ Royal Pires – Cesar Matoso – Deep cover – Teófilo Berg – Autumn harvest A weekend dedicated to leisure and fun

The BFF-Boliqueime Food Festival is an initiative of the Boliqueime Parish Council, with the aim of bringing an innovative event to this locality.

ELIS & ELES – is a musical show that recalls the work left by the Brazilian pepper, Elis Regina! With Sara Badalo (vocals), Léo Vrillaud (piano), Leonardo Tomich (drums) and Marcos Badalo (bass and guitar). The hurricane woman is now also prestigious in Portugal in a formation of excellent musicians who came together to bring to the public the sublime flavor of the best of Bossa Nova and MPB. An unmissable spectacle.