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Carnival Trapalhão 2023 Armação de Pêra, 17th to 22nd February After 2 years of interruption due to the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 disease, Armação de Pêra is preparing to host another edition of the traditional Carnaval Trapalhão, which this year has “A Televisão” as its central theme. In addition to the usual parades on Sundays and Tuesdays, which start at 3 pm, next to the Hotel Holiday Inn Algarve and which will run along the entire Avenida Beira-Mar to the Lota area, we highlight the children’s parade on February 17th ( Friday), starting at 10:00 am, and the Burial of Shrovetide which, on February 22nd (Wednesday), from 9:00 pm, will end the carnival festivities. “Paulo & Sónia” (Sunday) and “Xico Barata” (Tuesday), will guarantee the animation of hundreds of revelers from 5 pm to 8 pm, in the auction area, in an enclosure “barraquinhas” for food and drinks under the responsibility of the institutions participating in Carnival. For the carnival parade, we have planned the participation of 15 floats, and it is foreseeable that this number may increase in the coming days with the participation of various informal groups. This initiative is organized by the Armação de Pêra Parish […]

Between the 17th and 21st of February, Portimão plays Carnival again through a series of initiatives, ranging from balls to matinees and mask competitions to parades and processions, promising to amuse everyone, organized by the Portimão City Council and the Parish Councils of Alvor, Mexilhoeira Grande and Portimão, with the relevant contribution of the associative movement, as this was a party of a profoundly popular nature. Parade of floats Portimão is once again filled with joy, music and animation between the 17th and 21st of February, to host Carnival, this year with the theme “Sustainability and Environment”. For the 2023 edition of the Portimão Carnival, the preservation of nature, for a better planet, will be the motto for the party, with 14 floats, five carnival groups, two exhibition points, music, color and lots of entertainment in the mix. The highlights of the program thus belong to the parades of the floats scheduled for the 19th and 21st of February, respectively, between Polidesportivo da Figueira and Mexilhoeira Grande and in the riverside area of Portimão, from 3.30 pm. It should be noted that, when the floats return to their respective locations, the streets of the village of Alvor will be presented […]

02.17.2023 I 21:30 » ALBUFEIRA » Municipal Auditorium Tickets: João Bailote Municipal Gallery (weekdays from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm; 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm) Municipal Auditorium (on the day of the show, from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm) + INFO: Phone: 289 599 645 | 289 246 948 AL MARAM (Morocco / Iraq / Algeria) Arabic music and oriental dance AL MARAM is a musical project formed by a new generation of artists who base their style on the special interpretive sensitivity of their components and on the originality of their arrangements, which try to express musical themes within an emotional and spiritual dimension. The group’s instrumentation is traditional: Arabic lute and kanun (Arabic zither) as melodic instruments, the voice as an indication of the modal subtlety of these songs, and the traditional percussions of the Arab world: darbouka, bendir and tar, all handled with elegance and subtlety. . AL MARAM also has the collaboration of an oriental dancer, thus achieving a show of enormous visual and sound beauty. HUSAM HAMOUMI: voice, kanun and nay MUSTAFA SABAE: vocals and percussions RIAD ADDOU: Arabic voice and lute SARA MORILLO: Oriental dance

Registration limit extended until February 17th. Mega Aquajogging Carnival class in the 25-meter pool using a floatation vest. Entrance fee: €3 Mandatory pre-registration. Register in advance. Limited vacancies. At Municipal Swimming Pools

Another Upcycling Workshop next Saturday, February 18th from 10am to 3pm – at the Parish Council of São Pedro in Faro. If you have a sewing machine, bring it! It’s free for @s participants (because it’s funded by Erasmus+) but needs prior registration for the email and we ask participants for support in sharing the information received at the Workshop! Registration: amararte2011@gmail.com. We have a maximum of 10 places, don’t miss it!

Altura is a town and a civil parish in the municipality of Castro Marim, Algarve, Portugal.