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FATACIL includes, in addition to the large exhibition areas of Agriculture, Commerce, Industry, Crafts, Gastronomy, excellent quality entertainment complements, with emphasis on musical concerts with top national artists, equestrian art shows, ranch performances folklore and other genuine interpreters of Portuguese culture, which make FATACIL the main stage in the Algarve summer tourist entertainment itinerary.

This hilarious show, winner of several international awards, now arrives on national stages by João Baião accompanied by the talent of Cristina Oliveira, Fernando Gomes, Heitor Lourenço, Bruna Andrade and Joana França. At Bernardo’s country house, taking advantage of the opportunity that his wife is away, he plans to spend a fantastic weekend with his beautiful and elegant lover who is celebrating her birthday. Everything is well planned, nothing can go wrong…. Until… at the last minute his wife decides not to leave. Can everything get worse? Yes, actually, but it would take too long to explain here. Suffice it to say that the complications, mistakes and contrivances escalate at breakneck speed for an inevitable night of great fun and lots of laughs. Datasheet ____________________________________________________________ Performers: João Baião, Cristina Oliveira, Heitor Lourenço, Fernando Gomes, Joana França and Bruna Andrade Additional information ____________________________________________________________ Price: €22.00 (1st audience) / €20.00 (2nd audience) Duration: 120 minutes Age rating: >12

VIVA LA DEATH! In 2024, the 50th anniversary of April 25th will be celebrated. Mão Morta also celebrates the 40th anniversary of its foundation, in November 1984. Two events that apparently have nothing in common, except the fact that without the 25th of April, and the freedom and democracy it brought to Portugal and the Portuguese By putting an end to 48 years of dictatorship, Mão Morta would probably never have existed. Now, at a time when the danger of the return of fascism becomes palpable, not only in Portugal but throughout the democratic world, with the ideological initiative of conservative political forces and their privileged reception in the media directing the dominant political discourse, the Mão Morta could not help but speak out and denounce the mood of the times. It is about this resurgence of anti-democratic forces and their riotous behavior, which use democracy to apologize for fascism, which goes “Viva la Muerte!”, making clear the dangers we run and that democracy incurs. It comprises an artistic approach, through a stage show, where the melodic and harmonic references of pre-25th of April Portuguese intervention music intersect with rock and the experimentalism typical of Mão Morta’s sound, and a […]

OPERA BY G. PUCCINI The opera is set in Rome in the 19th century. While painting a painting of Madonna in the church of Sant’Andrea della Valle, the painter Mario Cavaradossi, lover of the jealous Tosca, agrees to help the political prisoner Angelotti in his great escape. The police chief, Scarpia, whose political objectives hide a rare sadism, gives chase and discovers Cavaradossi’s involvement. The only way to achieve his goals is to use the beautiful Tosca, the target of his obsessions. Cavaradossi is arrested. Scarpia believes for a moment that he possesses the beautiful Tosca, even before the moment she stabs him. Although Scarpia dies, his dark plans live on. When Tosca thinks she can finally free her beloved Mario, he is executed and Tosca, before being captured, prefers to jump from the highest cliff in Castel Sant’Angelo.   Additional information ___________________________ Price: to be announced Duration: 160 minutes (with two 15-minute breaks) Age rating: >6

BRIEF INTRODUCTION “The Fundamental Laws of Human Stupidity” is an essay by Carlo Cipolla from 1973 in which the Italian economic historian defined, in a rather comical way, human behavior based on our actions and the consequences they have on others. For Cipolla, the great danger of humanity is stupidity and the stupid, people who manage to harm themselves and others. 50 years later, João de Brito decided to stage this philosophical and political text, setting the action in a butcher’s shop and calling on various arts to accompany him in the staging.

Raquel Castro’s family tree is As Castro’s starting point. 300 people, most of them dead, with their names, places where they lived and professions, set the tone for digging through the stories of this family. There will be a lot of talk about mothers. From mothers of mothers of mothers of daughters. And of course, of husbands and fathers, of the time that was different, and of this place that has been Portugal. Stories that are strangely still capable of keeping us up at night. As Castro is Raquel Castro’s new show, in the line of previous shows such as Os Dias São Connosco, Turma de 95 or A Morte de Raquel.