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After 12 years of touring with his band and recording 8 albums Bob Wayne is grabbing his guitar and going solo for one year. Armed with his new record entitled ‘ROGUE’ Bob will begin his sojourn in Europe at the very end of this month and then head to North- and South America. Bob found out the world record for the most shows in a tour cycle is 309. That a number easily beaten by this road warrior and the challenge was taken. Starting on December 31st with a sold-out show and criss-crossing the entire European continent Bob will hit the 100-shows mark when leaving Europe at Easter – after April 13th.

Miguel Martins completed the Basic Education Teachers of Music Education course at the Escola Superior de Educação de Setúbal in 2004. He worked with a guitar, bass, combo, harmony and other subjects teacher in the following schools and guitar master classes. Schedules to be defined with the teacher, open to all ages and levels of learning, electric and acoustic guitar. Contact: 932 052 139