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What is the Mediterranean Diet? The exhibition answers this question by showing its multiple dimensions: the concept of cultural space and ancient Mediterranean lifestyle, an intangible cultural heritage passed down from generation to generation and its social and religious aspects, sacred foods and their symbologies, the products of the sea and land that support a diet of excellence recognized by the WHO – World Health Organization. The central focus is the territory and the multiple heritage of Tavira, the testimonies of the presence of civilizations of Antiquity, the cultural landscapes and products of the Ria Formosa, the productions of the barrocal and the mountains, the festivities and cultural practices that underlie the choice of Tavira as a representative community of Portugal in the application of the Mediterranean Diet to Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity presented in March 2012 at UNESCO headquarters. Films produced under the transnational application are projected and a kitchen space is recreated for information and experimentation activities, learning how to prepare and prepare food and culinary traditions.

Long-term exhibition where we can see archaeological remains from interventions in various parts of the city, dated in the majority of the century. XII. In addition to these materials inside the Islamic Nucleus, visitors will be able to observe a section of the Islamic wall that protected the citadel, visit the famous “Vaso de Tavira” and watch a video on the city’s Islamic history.

The increasingly devastating effect of the weather in the mountains is obvious. 15 years have passed and the Serra is not what it was. Some houses still stand, with or without inhabitants, others have been claimed by time, and others don’t look the same. What yesterday was alive and living, today is abandoned. As a complement to tours, visits will be accompanied by photographer Luís da Cruz but also by technicians and researchers in the region. We present this large format photography exhibition, a revival in the context of a displaced mountain-range that allows both the recent past and present to be revisited. By placing them side-by-side, images of the same houses and serenities, separated by 15 years, we witness how time has become increasingly devastating and reality can be more mutable in some regions than others. The silence that lingers does not disguise the force of Nature

In 2020 Cineteatro Louletano hosts the Promenade Concerts cycle, a musical journey in which the whole family is invited to discover surprising curiosities about Classical Music! With a different format, these concerts have a strong pedagogical component and each work is presented by a narrator who gives a brief explanatory introduction. To encourage the presence of the little ones, the organization promotes a hobby throughout the cycle and culminates, in the last concert, with the drawing of prizes!

All Quinta do Lago restaurants are offering a special menu for just 30€ per person, to experience each restaurant’s unique flavours and style. From fine dining at Casa Velha, to gastropub cooking at sports bar Dano’s and Portuguese cuisine at The Magnolia Hotel, find your favourite this Easter.

Hate Moss is a post-punk, electroclash duo formed by Tina (electronics and voice) and Ian (drums and voice). Their music is influenced by their Brazilian, Italian heritage and their lyrics are a blend of different idioms.

ARCM as a way to celebrate the anniversary of the quarantine carnation revolution presents yet another incentive. PURPOSE stimulate creativity and think about freedom THEME Freedom FORMAT The online presentation of short films, between 1 (one) to 3 (three) minutes in length on the topic presented. AWARDS ARCM will deliver 2 (two) prizes: “Most Voted Publicly” Award – Registration + Annual Fees Paid “ARCM” Prize – 50 € + 1 year of paid membership fees! (a great opportunity to become a member and still earn 50 coins!) WHO IS IT INTENDED FOR? Young people between 9 and 99 years old HOW TO PARTICIPATE Put on your wall (facebook) the short contest with #curtasarcm until April 25th – so we can know who is competing! (until April 24 at 23:59) PRESENTATION, VOTING AND ELECTION OF WINNERS On April 25, as a way to celebrate the historic moment of 1974, ARCM will publish on its page all short films and from then on the public voting phase will follow. April 27 at 11:59 pm public voting will end and the result will be presented on the 28th as the winner by the ARCM jury JURI ARCM It will be a group of […]