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Loulé has “Memories in the Creative Subjective” An exhibition that presents a path, in which emotions and experiences are the main characters. If at first we are confronted with the importance of listening, in the next moment the stories heard and lived are revealed in an archive of memories. A rewritten and disseminated universe where the past may or may not be part of the present. Source: http://www.cm-loule.pt/pt/agenda/19217/memorias-no-subjetivo-criativo.aspx

Exhibition integrated in Portimão City Day Celebrations. In the social context of the current pandemic, the 20th Photographic Race in Portimão had a special edition Covid 19. Exhibition of the best works of the 20th Photographic Race of Portimão, in a very special thematic edition about COVID-19 and its profound social impact. Strange Times, Signs of Distance, Places of Hope and Solidarity, were the 4 themes that challenged the gaze and creativity of the participants, at a difficult time for all communities, but which simultaneously constitutes an important visual contribution in the collection of testimonies of our present for future memory. This initiative has as a media partner the South Information and has the support of the following companies and entities: Ocean Revival, CLCC, ETIC_Algarve, Ana-Ana, Restinga and Friends of the Museum of Portimão. The exhibition can be visited until April 25, 2021.

Grand Jeté International Dance Awards aims to support and develop world class dancers,ages 6-25, of all economic , ethnic and geographic background by providing performance and education opportunities and scholarships to prestigious Dance Institutions. It’s an event with the purpose to promote the art of dance allowing young dancers to showcase their talent and connect students, teachers, dance schools, companies, dancers and audiences. Prestigious professionals from all over the world will form a high quality international jury panel for the competition. Grand Jeté International Dance Awards offers different opportunities: Competition, Workshops, Monetary prizes, Scholarships and a Charity Gala. Giving young dancers the chance to present their skills and gain valuable stage experience.

Third Generation Therapies are an increasingly valued area of ​​clinical psychology, with demonstrated efficacy in several psychological disorders. Instead of directly proposing to reduce symptoms, they focus on promoting acceptance skills, as well as promoting a meaningful life. This training aims to provide a contact with Third Generation Therapies. More generally, it will address the main characteristics of these therapies, as well as the relevance of integrating Mindfulness in clinical psychology. More specifically, contact will be made with the MBSR and MBCT programs, as well as with the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). DURATION: 4h00 MODE: Online (Zoom Platform) SCHEDULE: Saturday, January 23 from 9 am to 1 pm INVESTMENT: Value: € 40.00 Student: € 35.00 AEPUM partnership: € 32.00 Group Registration: € 30.00 (min. 3 participants) GOALS: – Identify the main interventions based on Mindfulness; – Understand the relevance of Mindfulness in a clinical context; – Contact with Mindfulness-based programs; – Contact with the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (essential components in the formulation of the case and main intervention strategies); – Address the main challenges in the intervention, as well as possible responses to them. PROGRAM CONTENT: MODULE I – Mindfulness and Clinical Psychology 1.1. Introduction to Mindfulness 1.2. […]

The Crescer pelo Mar project aims to offer sailing and sea training. Personal valorization and social inclusion project. Website Link: https://a-eco.org/escola-nautica/crescer-pelo-mar/

Free participation, but subject to the limit of 16 mandatory previous registrations (Telephone 282 767 816, Facebook page of the Library or email Biblioteca@cm-lagos.pt) This masterclass cycle aims to promote comprehensive health through a natural approach to well-being. Throughout this cycle we will talk about essential strategies in order to keep an immune system active and prepared to fight flu, colds and other infections. Session 1: “How do natural defenses work?” The immune system is our line of defenses that protects the body against attack by pathogenic microorganisms. In this masterclass we will talk about the following: the fundamentals of “germ theory” versus “terrain theory”; how the immune system works; the importance of having a vital organism; basic hygienic rules and the “hygiene hypothesis”. Source: https://www.cm-lagos.pt/municipio/eventos/8526-ciclo-como-combater-gripes-de-forma-natural-com-sofia-loureiro

To join the coming 5 day journey or a future journey, your investment is €757 paid in full by booking. Only 5 places per walk available so don’t wait to long with your booking. CONTACT to check for availability and payment details

ONLINE Workshops iclo: Journey of Healthy and Functional Eating – From Theory to Practice: Where to start? New Year – New Eating Habits! For those who want to start 2021 with healthier eating habits and start a new cycle in their lives with more health and well-being, this Healthy and Functional Eating Day is specially structured to help implement a healthier and more balanced diet. How this Cycle of Workshops works: • 100% Online – ZOOM platform • 4 live classes (access to the recording if you cannot participate live) • Theoretical part on healthy and functional food • Practical part with live preparation of functional recipes for the different Main and Intermediate Meals • Ebooks with all recipes • Extra Bonus: Exclusive Group with support material + 21 Day Healthy Eating Challenge • Classes: Saturdays 23, 30 January, 06 and 20 February, at 2:30 pm Themes per workshop: – 23 January – Basic Principles of Healthy and Functional Eating | Practice: Healthy Breakfasts – 30 January – Health through Functional Food | Practice: Making Healthy and Balanced Meals for Everyone – 06 February – Good Choices, Good Eating Practices and Healthy Alternatives | Practice: Making Gluten-Free Breads – 20 […]

Free participation, but subject to mandatory prior registration for 10 pairs (1 child and 1 adult) by calling 282 767 816, the Library’s Facebook page or email Biblioteca@cm-lagos.pt) A session to strengthen the bond between parents and children (adult / child), deepening the relationship, love and trust between both. A time for parents to have fun and relax with their children, a time for children to pamper their parents. This session will be promoted so that each pair (adult / child) through play, games, sounds and yoga postures strengthen the complicity between both and deepen the relationship. Source: https://www.cm-lagos.pt/municipio/eventos/8525-oficina-para-pais-e-filhos-yoga-meditacao-som-e-relaxamento-com-sandra-marreiros

Tomaz Cabreira exercised his socio-political activities in very difficult times, with difficulties of different kinds: economic, financial, war and pandemic. After 100 years we have lived a similar situation, not yet of war, but we see the emergence of extremist positions which bodes ill for a future that we all want freedom, equality and more fraternal.