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Faro Municipality promotes VIII Edition of the António Ramos Rosa National Poetry Prize The Municipality of Faro promotes the VIII Edition of the National Poetry Prize António Ramos Rosa, instituted in 1999, in honor of the poet born in Faro, the greatest figure in the national and international poetic panorama and patron of the Municipal Library. The prize, in the amount of € 5000, counts once again with the high sponsorship of Fundação Milénio BCP and the support of the Regional Directorate for Culture of the Algarve and Jornal de Letras. The delivery of competing works will take place between January 7 and March 31 and poetic works, in 1st edition, published in 2019 and 2020 will be admitted. The jury will be composed of Professor Doctor Nuno Júdice, Professor Doctor Carina Infante do Carmo and Dr.ª Isabel Lucas. This award, of which seven editions have already been held, in 1999, 2001, 2007, 2009, 2015, 2017 and 2019, seeks to promote the appearance of new poets, but also to recognize the work of those already consecrated. In all editions there were more than 50 works in competition, having been awarded to poets of recognized literary excellence such as Fernando Echevarria, […]

Exhibition integrated in Portimão City Day Celebrations. In the social context of the current pandemic, the 20th Photographic Race in Portimão had a special edition Covid 19. Exhibition of the best works of the 20th Photographic Race of Portimão, in a very special thematic edition about COVID-19 and its profound social impact. Strange Times, Signs of Distance, Places of Hope and Solidarity, were the 4 themes that challenged the gaze and creativity of the participants, at a difficult time for all communities, but which simultaneously constitutes an important visual contribution in the collection of testimonies of our present for future memory. This initiative has as a media partner the South Information and has the support of the following companies and entities: Ocean Revival, CLCC, ETIC_Algarve, Ana-Ana, Restinga and Friends of the Museum of Portimão. The exhibition can be visited until April 25, 2021.

“Livros à porta” is a reading service from the Municipal Library of Lagos that was born to bring the taste of your favorite books to your home. Consult the “Menu of the Day” on the Library’s FB page, with delicious suggestions, and tell us what you want. You can also order “à la carte”, that is, indicate books or audiovisuals that are not in the “Menu of the Day”. The rest … leave it to us! How it works? Contact us through the email Biblioteca@cm-lagos.pt, telephone +351 282 767 816 or the Library’s Facebook page. The date, time and place will be agreed between the reader and the Library, and the use of a mask by the reader is required. For the requisition, the following conditions exist: • Five books, for a period of 20 days; • Two magazines, for a period of 5 days; (Vision, Saturday, Active, Around the World, Cristina, Saber Viver, Faces and Decoration, Mens Health, Wines) • Two DVDs, for a period of 5 days; • A CD-Audio, for a period of 5 days. Note: Each book, magazine, CD or DVD goes through a quarantine period of 5 days before being assigned. The collection is previously […]

The Stories of Ana Costa Reading “An adventure under the ground” by Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen

In this period of confinement, Coro Iscte will promote a set of online seminars, open to all interested parties, dedicated to musical training and the history of Western music. Articulating theoretical and practical aspects, it is intended not only to arouse interest in these themes but also to contribute to the training of those who already integrate musical groups such as the Iso Choir. The sessions are guided by conductor João Barros and take place on Thursdays, from 1 pm to 2:30 pm, via zoom. Upcoming seminars: ** 18 February – Musical training aimed at reading scores (2/2): analysis of scores; preparation for reading; first reading process; autonomous study ** 25 February – History of Western Music (2/4): From classicism to the century. XX ** March 4 – History of Western Music (3/4): How did we get to contemporary music? ** 11 March History of Western Music (4/4): Brief history of Portuguese Choral Music

GEOCIDE FARM CYCLE AT THEATER “Geocide” tells the story of a world. It may be the world we know, or any other, exactly the same, with only an infinitesimal difference in focus that completely transforms it. A story without history, in a more or less dystopian, more or less distant place. On the stage, three beings inhabit a space and the action is not in what they carry, but in the device they step on. Can you imagine a time (“future”?) When the memory will have been erased in favor of a notion of humanity reduced to (his) eternal contemplation. “Geocide” is a show that proposes an essentially performative, visual and sound experience, which navigates the themes of demographic mobility, anthropocene, dystopian narratives, apocalyptic visions of the future, acceleration, technocentrism, post-human, biopolitics and geopolitics. Artistic and Technical File: Creation: Cátia Pinheiro and José Nunes Dramaturgical Collaboration: Rogério Nuno Costa Interpretation: Cátia Pinheiro, José Nunes and Tiago Jácome Light Design: Daniel Worm d’Assumpção Costumes: Jordann Santos Creation Assistance: Mafalda Banquart and Tiago Jácome Image, Registration and Video Support: António MV Production: Structure Coproduction: Centro Cultural Vila Flor, 23 Miles – Fábrica das Ideias da Gafanha da Nazaré Residence Support: Espaço do […]

Join a live from the djGrabko varanda in the Campolide neighborhood of Lisbon, Portugal, for some deep & progressive house music and sunset vibes Every Thurday on my YouTube channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8K2EKyO-qG9GQNx91-GZgg

Currently, the importance of playing in the child’s social, emotional and cognitive development is undeniable. However, children have less and less time to play, due to the overload of extracurricular activities and schoolwork. Playing is often left to the background and the parents’ concern falls mainly on whether their children have studied or not, without realizing that no child will develop its full potential if playing is not part of their life. The free act of playing is, in fact, one of the most privileged means that children have to express their feelings and learn, revealing a set of inexhaustible benefits. In this sense, due to the relevance of the theme, ReConstruir will promote the workshop “The Importance of Playing”, in Online format (Live Streaming), with the following objectives and content structure: General objectives – Understand the importance of playing for the development of children, as a factor that enhances learning and promotes skills. Specific objectives – Understand the concept of playing; – Understand the impact of playing on the child’s healthy development; – Know the various ways of facing the act of playing; – Fit the adult’s role in play, taking into account the child’s age; – Understand the […]

Movie theater? On Thursdays? Good idea! Cineteatro Louletano brings you quality films every Thursday in March! “Cinema on Thursdays” Curated by Rui Tendinha > 04 (Thursday) “Black Heart” by Rosa Coutinho Cabral > 11 (Thursday) “1960” by Rodrigo Areias > 18 (Thursday) “Nico, 1988” by Susanna Nicharielli > 25 (Thursday) “Rapaz Só” by António Borges Correia Watch these movies! Only on Facebook of Cineteatro Louletano! (Films available between 8 pm and 12 am each night)

Thursday – March 4 at 9:00 pm, join the team for another “Conversations at the Villa” and welcome Ana Catarina Pinheiro with her Project www.des-a-fio.com. Projects in times of pandemic, are born and grow to be strong, come and inspire you with Catarina. “The passion for the art of making had always been inside of her. An educational architect, she was always very interested in everything that had to do with crafts, interiors and decoration. One day, a friend lent her a magazine in which an article was. about macramé. Catarina immediately loved this art, and looked for a workshop to learn how to make her own pieces. ” A. Catarina Pinheiro