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“As Cores da Viagem”, an exhibition of painting and drawing by António Carmo, invites us to a unique chromatic and poetic journey, resulting from his intense creative and pictorial work, revisiting places in the country and in the world, where Portuguese culture has passed. . It is itself a tribute to our people, customs, flavors, light, culture and our way of being in life and in the world. The matrix of his painting has everything to do with the Portuguese roots of his gaze and with this land bordered by the sea, with the designs stripped of artifice, with everyday figures of touching social density, with this solar country. We are faced with the configuration of a painting inspired by a memory of popular experiences, related to our cultural identity, moments that the movement of its colors and shapes transform into a prodigious plastic symphony. Exhibition until March 13, 2022.

The winning works of the 21st Photographic Race of Portimão – Special Edition “Hope” can be seen from December 10th, at 6 pm, at the Portimão Museum, in an initiative integrated in the celebrations of the City Day. With “HOPE” as the central theme divided into 4 themes: 1-Finally here, 2-Saudades this moment, 3-I see colors, many colors and 4- Happiness is this, this initiative sought to maintain, as in the 2020 edition, the collection of photographic testimonies for future memory, representing the impact of Covid-19 on the forms and solutions found by different communities, in its re-encounter with the “hope” of a desirable return to post-pandemic normality. The exhibition will run until April 24, 2022.

If you’ve ever traveled to the sunny Algarve, in the south of Portugal, you might have had a chance to see the bustling Live Music scene they’ve got going on, with thousands of bars catering to the whopping 22 million tourists who visit it annually. We caught up with The Guinness Brothers, Colm and Roddy. They have both been playing different genres of music from a very young age, in various bands. Colm has been playing professionally from the age of 16, and Roddy from the age of 18. Music has taken this duo around the world, having played all over Europe, America and even Asia. Roddy tells us how the band got started, “Funny story, I met Colm when I was 17, after coming back from the Netherlands, while recording a video with a friend in Old town Albufeira, turns out Colm had a company that needed videographers, and I had a camera. So after a couple of beers and some talking I was hired and working for a company that worked with musicians from all over the world.” “After a while I became Colm’s “Roadie”, and eventually weaseled my way into playing guitar with him at one of […]

Exhibition “O Recomeço” Born in Lisbon, Ana Banon became an Algarvean at heart when she was 11 years old. Daughter of a plastic artist, she has since fallen in love with the arts. At age 12 she started taking drawing lessons and then ventured out in oil painting as a self-taught person. At the age of 16, she entered a plastic arts competition where she achieved, among more than 30 participants, an honorable 3rd place. She held her first exhibition at the age of 17 and since then has participated in several exhibitions in Portuguese and Spanish art galleries. The dream of following Fine Arts was left behind, but she has been attending training in this area. After an interval between 2007 and 2019, Ana returned to painting in 2020. This exhibition is the result of this relearning of lines and shading. A revival of brushstrokes and colors. The dream retained in time goes on, little by little taking shape and becoming reality. Arts and Crafts Center Address: Rua Victorino Passos Pinto nº 1 and 3 Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 9 am > 1 pm | 14:00 > 17:00 Saturday and Sunday: 10 am > 1 pm Telephone: 289 […]

History Curious Meeting “The Algarve and the Discoveries” will be the theme of the meeting of the Curious of History.