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Exhibition by Françoise Devroede and Raymond Parfait The artist Françoise Devroede is part of a new generation of artists dedicated to the creation of high heald tapestries, which perpetuate this art that made Flanders notable. Her tapestries are unique works. Classic in terms of materials and weaving, they are contemporary in their design. The artist Raymond Parfait has combined a lifelong career in the biomedical industry with painting and ceramics. Fascinated by the lights, colours, landscapes and traditional architecture of the Algarve, he immortalizes them in his watercolors, portraits and oil paintings. Organization: City Council Municipal Gallery Address: Av. da Liberdade // Opening hours: 09:30h > 13:00h | 2:00 pm > 5:30 pm Phone: 289 840 211 // E-mail: municipe@cm-sbras.pt Closed: Monday morning, Saturday afternoon and Sunday Source: https://www.cm-sbras.pt/pt/agenda/12267/exposicao-galeria-municipal-dois-artistas-duas-tecnicas”.aspx

On the 8th of April the Prestige •DanceClub• will open its doors to celebrate a great Friday night with our Resident DJ. On the 9th we have an artist on stage, who will present us with a magnificent drag queen show. From 23:00 until 04:00. Resident DJ: DJ Dyezy

Pablo Lapidusas, a musician from the new generation of excellent Argentine pianists and composers, will perform at TEMPO – Teatro Municipal de Portimão on April 9, at 7:00 pm, as part of the VI Algarve International Piano Festival. Tickets cost between €15 and €25 and are on sale at https://tempo.bol.pt, at the TEMPO box office and at the usual places. Pianist, composer, producer and teacher (Argentina/Brazil), Pablo Lapidusas holds a bachelor’s degree in music from Unicamp in São Paulo and a master’s degree in Jazz Performance from the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa. He released 6 albums – “Ouriço” (2008), “Estrangeiro” (2013), “Live in Johannesburg” (2015), “Bora” (2018), “Ombligo” (2021), “Zambujeira” (2021) – and one sheet music (“Pianoworks I”) with his own compositions. He collaborated with numerous artists (Hermeto Pascoal, I Musici di Montreal, Marcelo D2, Cesar Camargo Mariano, Edu Lobo, Jaques Morelembaum, Hamilton de Holanda, Marcus Wyatt, Carlos Malta, Eugene Friesen, Ehud Ettun, Zezé Motta, Wanda Sá, Quarteto em Cy, Gabriel Grossi, Victor Biglione, Maria João, among many others) on recordings, TV/Radio specials and tours in more than 30 countries. In 2021, Pablo received the Music Professionals Award in the “soundtrack” category, for the music of the RTP […]

FRIDAY 8 APRIL AND SATURDAY 9 APRIL IN CAFE VADIO IN LAGOS BOOKINGS PLEASE CALL 910084708 https://www.facebook.com/Cafe-o-Vadio-190011351332983

Musician and composer Orlando Barreto, better known as Pantera, was born on the island of Santiago, Cape Verde, in 1967 and left us at the age of 33. His daughter Darlene – who was only 6 years old at the time of her father’s death – has carried out, in recent years, an in-depth research on the life and work of Pantera; It was in this context that he challenged us to pay him a tribute. Pantera broke new ground in the music of his country. Cape Verde and its people pulsed in his voice: exploring the forms of tradition, he gave birth to a poetry full of love, insight and assertiveness. On these traits we find our own vision, through the experiences we were able to share with him, as a friend and as an artist. In addition to this reunion in the revival of his creativity and affection, we followed a path of exploration, diving into his land, customs and culture, while projecting them in a contemporary world where he also positioned himself. This is, therefore, a show built on the wanderings of memory. And it is, above all, an intense and dynamic experience of collaboration. Each of […]

Day: 9th of April Time: 21:00 Location: Largo do Carmo Age rating: all ages Price: free entry ——— HERIDO BARRIO MATEMURGA Community Theater Group (Buenos Aires – Argentina) Directed by: Edith Scher Interpretation: Neighbors and Neighbors of Villa Crespo (Buenos Aires – Argentina) Synopsis: “A meal? Here? Like in the old days? I do not know. It’s been so many years since we set the tables on the street…! ” What happened to us? What lurks behind the door of an abandoned house, which suddenly creaks and reminds us of what we once were? There is a wound, we say, and it belongs to everyone. It hurts because it manifests itself in many losses in everyday things. It hurts because our memory hammers and insists on telling us that we can live differently, even if we live in this big city. We don’t know what we’ve lost will come back. Meanwhile, and naming what hurts us, we are here, in our wounded neighborhood, remembering and celebrating. + GET OUT OF THE WAY Neighbors Theater (Faro – Portugal) Direction and staging: Miguel Martins Pessoa and Diana Bernedo Musical coordination: Ilda Nogueira Martins Interpretation: Neighbors and Neighbors of Faro (Portugal) Coordination: JAT […]