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Exhibition by Françoise Devroede and Raymond Parfait The artist Françoise Devroede is part of a new generation of artists dedicated to the creation of high heald tapestries, which perpetuate this art that made Flanders notable. Her tapestries are unique works. Classic in terms of materials and weaving, they are contemporary in their design. The artist Raymond Parfait has combined a lifelong career in the biomedical industry with painting and ceramics. Fascinated by the lights, colours, landscapes and traditional architecture of the Algarve, he immortalizes them in his watercolors, portraits and oil paintings. Organization: City Council Municipal Gallery Address: Av. da Liberdade // Opening hours: 09:30h > 13:00h | 2:00 pm > 5:30 pm Phone: 289 840 211 // E-mail: municipe@cm-sbras.pt Closed: Monday morning, Saturday afternoon and Sunday Source: https://www.cm-sbras.pt/pt/agenda/12267/exposicao-galeria-municipal-dois-artistas-duas-tecnicas”.aspx

On the 8th of April the Prestige •DanceClub• will open its doors to celebrate a great Friday night with our Resident DJ. On the 9th we have an artist on stage, who will present us with a magnificent drag queen show. From 23:00 until 04:00. Resident DJ: DJ Dyezy

KALARIPAYATTU WORKSHOP with @Aria Floria 10th April. 1st May Sunday: 10 – 12.30 AM ARCM, Recreative and Cultural Association of the musicians Here is a video of the practice: https://youtu.be/J7qOffpYiz0 YOGALGARVE e a ARCM have the pleasure to invite the teacher and performer Aria Floria to share with us her art, a indian martial art with a millennial origin, KALARIPAYATTU, in 2 dates during the next 2 months. An exploration of the energy of the warrior, to raise the strenght and the wild connection whithin. Kalaripayattu is consider to be the Mother of Martial Arts, born in the 3rd century BC in the South of India, Kerala. Nowadays is used as part of the training of theatre and dance artists, to overstep the limits of the mind and the body, to give strenght and elasticity to the physical structure and to focus the attention. Kalaripayattu explores animal energies and postures, jumps, kicks combined into choregraphic sequences. A deep work on the breathe and on the physical body in a dynamic meditation to allign the precision of the movement, the attention of the mind and the wisdom of the spirit. To transform the physical body through the opening of the nadis […]

For April, Sunday afternoons promise! In addition to the traditional Portuguese delicacies of Cangalho, we will have a special menu for Easter lunch. 🐰 On Sunday, come for lunch and stay until 5 pm with live music.  

This concert is the result of the inevitable invitation I extended to Emese Muehl, a young jazz singer with a very unique voice and style, and who is honored to have started jazz by my hand, about twenty years ago. In this concert, Emese will also be accompanied by her husband, the pianist Simon Seidl, already known by the audience of Clube Farense and both currently residing in the Algarve. Emese will sing standards and Latin themes from her latest CD to which her agile voice lends a sweetness of its own. Emese Muehl -voice Simon Seidl – piano Zé Eduardo – double bass

Cantaloupe Café, at Mercados de Olhão, is pleased to announce that it will present on the 10th of April, Sunday at 18:00 a show with: Nebuchadnezzar Group Cláudio Alves Guitar &Voice João Ferreira Piano Hugo Santos Double Bass Maximiliano Llanos Drums The group was formed in 2014 when Cláudio Alves was invited to join the project already started by João Ferreira, Hugo Santos and Maximiliano Llanos. Since then, the main objective of the Nebuchadnezzar Group is to create original music without stylistic barriers, having improvisation as a common and constant element in their compositions and live performances. All the musicians that make up the band have completed their degree in jazz at Portuguese higher education institutions and the different forms and characteristics of the genre are used as the foundations of their works, while the inspiration for writing and arranging them comes from the most varied sources, such as traditional Portuguese music (as in the case of the work GPEGR present in the first album ”Nebuchadnezzar”, inspired by the melodies and harmonies of traditional fado in fusion with rhythmic elements of more contemporary music), Jewish music (Haftling present in the second album “Travellers” ), cinema (Vincent Vega, theme of the […]

The Castle Tower of Silves hosts, between April 12 and July 10, the photography exhibition “Time Lapses – In the Algarve, a Parar o Tempo”, by João António Fazenda. The exhibition portrays images of an Algarve, fleeting and changeable, real or dreamed but always beautiful, captured by the photographer, with his eyes, with his underlying imaginary, also marked by the passing of time. According to the author, an Algarve photographer, “to photograph is to make a cut in time; it is, in a way, to stop it, the instant the camera’s shutter is released. The resulting images are pieces of time that are retained in them.” The exhibition takes place as part of the commemorations of the International Day for Monuments and Sites. Enjoy the heritage and discover the magnificent images of João António Fazenda.

EASTER HOLIDAYS AT CENTRO CIÊNCIA VIVA DE TAVIRA | 6 to 12 years | 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm 04.12 | Easter Folar – Do you know how Easter Folar is made? Do you know the importance of each ingredient? Participate and come learn how to make your Folar with a lot of science in the mix. 04.13 | Colored Eggs – Discover how to turn a simple egg into a work of art, using natural dyes and spring leaves. 04.14 | Columbus Egg – Come build an ovoid and divide it into 9 equal parts and with all of them solve fun challenges that will culminate in the construction of figures that resemble some oviparous animals. 04.16 | Discovering the colors of vegetables – There are different types of pigments that give food color and are also beneficial for health. In this activity we will extract some pigments and discover how they can be used to color different materials. Hours: 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm Target audience: 6 to 12 years old Location: Living Science Center of Tavira Price: 5€ MANDATORY REGISTRATION. It is necessary to bring a snack. Information and registration: 281 326 231 | 924 452 528 […]