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The Castle Tower of Silves hosts, between April 12 and July 10, the photography exhibition “Time Lapses – In the Algarve, a Parar o Tempo”, by João António Fazenda. The exhibition portrays images of an Algarve, fleeting and changeable, real or dreamed but always beautiful, captured by the photographer, with his eyes, with his underlying imaginary, also marked by the passing of time. According to the author, an Algarve photographer, “to photograph is to make a cut in time; it is, in a way, to stop it, the instant the camera’s shutter is released. The resulting images are pieces of time that are retained in them.” The exhibition takes place as part of the commemorations of the International Day for Monuments and Sites. Enjoy the heritage and discover the magnificent images of João António Fazenda.

06th of May, FRIDAY, 21:00 Great Auditorium 75 min | M/6 1st Audience: €25.00 | 2nd Audience: €20.00 | Counter: €15.00 Tickets at https://tempo.bol.pt and at the TEMPO box office The Orquestra Sinfónica do Algarve is a young Algarve orchestra that came to fill an existing gap: listening to the Symphonic repertoire in the Algarve Region, which is its main purpose. It made its official presentation on October 1, 2021 and now debuts at the Algarve International Piano Festival, under the direction of Maestro Armando Mota. Leonardo Hilsdorf is one of the main exponents of the new generation of Brazilian pianists, being acclaimed by specialized critics and seeing his performance hailed as phenomenal (Fuldaer Zeitung) and charming and masterful (LIndependent). For two years he was one of the soloists selected for a residency at the Queen Elisabeth Musical Chapel of Belgium, where he worked under the care of Maria João Pires, his current mentor. He has performed in venues such as the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, Flagey and Bozar in Brussels, Maison de la Radio in Paris and BeethovenHaus in Bonn, in addition to Sala São Paulo, Teatro Municipal in Rio de Janeiro and Sala Cecília Meirelles. He has performed, among […]

LADO B TRAZ ANA BACALHAU AO TEATRO MASCARENHAS GREGÓRIO A iniciativa LADO B da Câmara Municipal de Silves, prossegue no dia 6 de maio pelas 21h30, com a artista ANA BACALHAU no Teatro Mascarenhas Gregório. Além de uma intérprete ímpar, que em palco se entrega sempre como se aquela pudesse ser a última vez que a ouvimos e vemos ao vivo, Ana Bacalhau tem cada vez mais uma palavra a dizer na escrita das letras e das músicas que interpreta. É de uma forma crua e sincera que define o seu muito aguardado segundo álbum em nome próprio, intitulado Além da Curta Imaginação. Este é um trabalho inevitavelmente pessoal e intimista, refletindo, por isso, a longa e penosa jornada que a pandemia impôs. Há um disco antes da pandemia e outro depois da pandemia: o alinhamento espelha isso mesmo, elencando as canções por ordem cronológica de gravação. Os ingressos para o espetáculo podem ser adquiridos através da bilheteira online BOL em: https://cmsilves.bol.pt/ e nos locais habituais de venda (FNAC, Worten, CTT,EI Corte Inglês e Pousadas de Juventude), com o custo associado de 10 euros. Podem, ainda, ser adquiridos no próprio dia do espetáculo, no local, a partir das 20h00, caso […]

“And All the Dead Took” Marina Mota Productions May 6th and 7th – 9:30 pm May 8 – 4:00 pm Albufeira Municipal Auditorium M/14, € 15.00 Tickets: Ticketline João Bailote Municipal Gallery (weekdays from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm; 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm) Municipal Auditorium (on the day of the show 2 hours before the event) Synopsis: E Tudo o Morto Levau is a theatrical comedy starring Marina Mota, which takes place during a wake, in a square in a neighborhood on the outskirts of Lisbon. The night goes on and through that chapel countless characters appear that everyone, at least once in their lives, has seen at a funeral, live. Or the dead, in this case. The starting point is given for a frenetic comedy, of deceit and with a high rhythm of entry and exit of characters, some of which are mythical in the already vast career of actress Marina Mota such as the charismatic Matilde, the irreverent Bisnaga and/or Usbatnavó , which will come to life again in this comedy, which promises to make Portugal laugh on stages from North to South of the country.

On May 6th, the Prestige •DanceClub• will open its doors to celebrate a great Friday night with music by our resident DJ: DJ DYEZY. The next day, May 7th, we received the artist NYMA CHARLLES who will present us with a Drag Show Queen. From 23:00 until 04:00. Resident DJ: DJ Dyezy