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Photography Exhibition Sagres Promontory [Sep 10 👉 Oct 4] Bishop’s Village, The extreme southwest of Europe. For a long time I called it the “Last Border Post”. A unique climate and landscape, a different and dichotomous Algarve, a point of passage, of visit, occasionally of fixation. Among those who stay here we find a little from all over the world. This project is a portrait of that special world and about a unique period in our lives. About the peace that some kids I met when I was 11 years old helped me find at the last border post where I lived. With everything that matters to me, family, and what we’ve learned to call home, space is so central to our well-being. Today, and looking back over the three years I lived here, it is with gratitude that I keep the memories of the places, the emptiness of the confinements and the joy of returning to normality. village of Bishop will always be all that. And those amazing kids and the stories they shared with me. I will always be grateful. Jorge F. Marques, I was born in 1973. I didn’t get to photography early, but I took the […]

workshops / jamsessions / audiovisual concerts feat Matt Black (Coldcut) + Dinaz Stafford Jamm AV set Dr Walker (Air Liquide / Djungle Fever / Liquid Sky artistcollective) on the experimental floor NAJ – NoiseAmbientJazz (Santana da Serra) live Uli Sigg (lsbTV / Liquid Sky artistcollective) Numinos (Navap / lsbTV) Moogulator (sequencer.de / lsbTV) Uemit Han (lsbTV / trapez / traum) Bob Humid (lsbTV) more artists t.b.c. stay tuned

Workshop based on the work “A happy and direct piece about sadness, which was on the scene at CTL. Project that starts from a vital and close encounter – with the public – to talk about the themes of sadness, isolation and maladjustment. A deep dive into movement, theatrical composition and dramaturgy, which seeks answers to many questions. Duration: 26 hours M/12 Free entrance Max: 20 participants Registration: cinereservas@cm-loule.pt

All things are rhythm! Here in this workshop, it is through the Djembé that the rhythm of life is explored in the form of music, the cadence that surrounds us through Traditional Afro Mandingue Percussion, the one that is intrinsically linked to everyday life, to the knowledge of agriculture, hunting or fishing. , tells us the stories of the past and everyday life, these instruments are speakers and their method is simple, as it consists of applying the words to the rhythm and these merge creating a harmony. Each participant will have a percussion instrument (Djembé) that will be accompanied by the Dununs (set of three instruments) to learn in a dynamic, relaxed and didactic way the language of traditional rhythm, its technique and its approach through oral tradition. Its benefits are enormous from coordination, synchronization, concentration, attunement or harmony to meditation or relaxation, but all these moments are filled with pure magic and joy. WORKSHOP AND MASTERCLASS TICKETS: 5€ Prior registration to the email: diaspportimao@gmail.com Detailed program at: https://www.dpportimao.pt

In its genesis, the text refers to a specific concentration situation and to a real case that occurred during the apartheid regime in South Africa, on Robben Island, the same prison where Nelson Mandela served his sentence for 27 years. In this case, two companions in misfortune share the same cell; during the day they do forced labor and at night they rehearse Sophocles’ Antigone. The aim is for the play (reduced to the characters Antigone and Creon) to be presented to the other prisoners: it exposes parallels between the situation of Antigone, condemned for discretionary reasons, and the identical contingency in which they all find themselves on that prison island. For, if this is the genesis, the plot, however, contains an inevitability that, in terms of dramaturgical conjectures, refers us to contemporary problems, namely with regard to cases of migrants who, fleeing from poverty, do not manage to reach the hopeful western side of the Mediterranean and end up captured and exploited in conditions analogous to those described in the founding text; also those who in their own countries are hostages to greed and multiple interests, as is the case of those subjected to slavery in the Coltan mines […]

Until September 26, 2022, collect points with your Privilege Club card. Qualify for the 2022 Machine Tournament final and you could win a “CARIBBEAN CRUISE”. Check the regulation at https://www.gruposolverde.pt/promo…/cruzeiro-nas-caraibas/ The posted timetable is not binding Minimum two players For more information, contact us at rpjogo.ca@solverde.pt

Miss Sheila, DJ e Produtora de referência actuando nos melhores clubes e festivais Portugueses, consolidando a sua carreira internacional tanto na Europa como nos Estados Unidos e África, repartindo a cabine com autênticas lendas vivas do DJing mundial.  Musicalmente Sheila surpreende com uma sonoridade que engloba todos os géneros de House e Techno, mas mantendo-se fiel às suas origens no “underground”. TICKETS ONLINE

Cantaloupe Café, at Mercados de Olhão, is pleased to announce that it will present the show on the 11th of September, Sunday at 18:30h: Manolo Pereira Trio Manolo Pereira Guitar David GonzálezBass José Gómez Drums “After his debut album “Equilibrio” (Blue Asteroid 2019), guitarist Manolo Pereira prepares a new batch of songs to record and live for what will be his next work. The renewed alignment gives life to the new music that reaffirms the path started with “Equilibrio”, a personal and open song, where nuances such as jazz, popular music, bossa nova and world music combine and mix their colors. In search of melodic lyricism, interaction and complicity, they move away from the classic sound of a jazz trio.” Reservations by phone: 289 704 397 During live music shows, for the 1st consumption, an increase of €8.00 (eight euros) is applied for each consumer.