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“[in] sets” exhibition by Nélia Duarte Date: December 2, 2022 to January 6, 2023 Location: LAC – Creative Activities Laboratory Free entrance 🇧🇷 Synopsis | This exhibition results from accidental assemblages. Pieces that, when finished, find a pair, or pairs, in previous works. It is not, therefore, subject to a theme – although it incorporates it – nor does it follow the rigor of a chronological order. The pieces are linked through emotional dialogues that are established and can be observed and understood through the drawing and/or color selection. Thematic incorporation is understood in the sometimes caricatured representation of the figures, but also in the geometry that reveals a need for concreteness and limits. 🇧🇷 Bio | Born in Vila do Bispo in 1962. He has lived in Lagos since 1965, where he studied and worked. Curious and self-taught, she started drawing and painting in 2013 with a preference for oil; she idealizes in a passionate exercise, often influenced by literary suggestion, another of her great passions. She spontaneously resorts to human representation, developing life narratives through drawing and paint. Between 2014 and 2016 she attended a technical course in Multimedia and experimented with new approaches to visual arts, namely […]

Screening of the Documentary “Femme Ocean”, by Annika von Schütz + Acoustic concert with Bernardo (from Ben & The Pirates) Date: December 3, 2022 at 6:30 pm Location: LAC – Creative Activities Laboratory Free entrance 🇧🇷 Synopsis | In Femme Ocean, female surfers break convention on their way to the crest of waves around the world. When Teresa Ayala started surfing 44 years ago on the Portuguese coast, there were only boys in the water. Joana Andrade fought for her dream of surfing big waves at Praia do Norte, in Nazaré, known as the biggest wave in the world. Also from Portugal, Lizzy is turning her love of surfing into art and creating awareness for environmental issues. Maryam El Gardoum is a pioneer of surfing in Morocco and Sithmi Nawodya, daughter of a fisherman, fell in love with surfing at one of the first mixed surf schools in Sri Lanka. Each woman details her unique journey in beautifully languid photos of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Ultimately, these surfers are testament to the unique bond between women and the tides that move them. 🇧🇷 Bio | Master in Arts and Media, Annika is also a filmmaker. […]

ACROYOGA classes are back in Faro!! Every Tuesday, at Associação Recreativa e Cultural dos Músicos , we plunge into an opportunity for self-overcoming and personal and relational growth, in a fun and safe way! AcroYoga is born from the union of YOGA’s spiritual wisdom, the kindness of THAI massage and the dynamic energy of ACROBATICS. It’s a practice that is performed in pairs and in groups and which nurtures connection and cultivates game in company, while overcoming limits and working trust and confidance. By joining [Yoga] of the extremities [Akro], two bodies become one, sharing weight, gravity, balance, challenges, smiles and laughter! Each class, we will explore the alignment and postural correction in the various AcroYoga Asanas, from the entrances and exits for the fundamental and inverted postures to the rotations and dynamic transitions between postures. At the end of the workshop, Jam opens up – a free and informal sharing! Let’s spend a while exchanging experiences, experimenting in a safe environment! It is not necessary to come accompanied or to have any previous experience as these are classes for all levels. But registration is required: https://forms.gle/RLQnu1SNHRGHiM8z8 DURATION: 2h VALUE: 15€ – 1 lesson 60€ – 5 lessons CONTACTS: 912613343 […]