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“[in] sets” exhibition by Nélia Duarte Date: December 2, 2022 to January 6, 2023 Location: LAC – Creative Activities Laboratory Free entrance 🇧🇷 Synopsis | This exhibition results from accidental assemblages. Pieces that, when finished, find a pair, or pairs, in previous works. It is not, therefore, subject to a theme – although it incorporates it – nor does it follow the rigor of a chronological order. The pieces are linked through emotional dialogues that are established and can be observed and understood through the drawing and/or color selection. Thematic incorporation is understood in the sometimes caricatured representation of the figures, but also in the geometry that reveals a need for concreteness and limits. 🇧🇷 Bio | Born in Vila do Bispo in 1962. He has lived in Lagos since 1965, where he studied and worked. Curious and self-taught, she started drawing and painting in 2013 with a preference for oil; she idealizes in a passionate exercise, often influenced by literary suggestion, another of her great passions. She spontaneously resorts to human representation, developing life narratives through drawing and paint. Between 2014 and 2016 she attended a technical course in Multimedia and experimented with new approaches to visual arts, namely […]

Natalândia will be at Zoo de Lagos from December 8th to 24th. During Natalândia, Algarve residents enjoy a 50% discount on the value of their tickets, upon presentation of proof of address. In Natalândia, in addition to visiting the animals at the zoo, you can also participate in extra Christmas activities.

READING ALOUD: TRAINING, with Maria Abelha December 8th | 10:00 am Location: Municipal Library of Lagos Organized by: CM Lagos Duration: 3h30 Class. age: M18 Participation is free, but subject to a limit of 25 mandatory prior registrations via telephone 282 767 816, the Library’s Facebook page or email Biblioteca@cm-lagos.pt Animation practices and promotion of reading aloud, body posture exercises, voice and breathing exercises for different contexts and age groups. Intended for Teachers, Early Childhood Educators, Reading Mediators, Librarians, other reading lovers and anyone interested in this topic.

Weekly class with Paula de La Selva: “In this class, you will learn the essentials of the Hypnobirthing Mongan Method. In these 2.5 hours, we will review how your uterus works, myths and truths about birth will unlearn to learn new and positive concepts, will create the memory of deep relaxation in your body as well as breathing techniques for a calm and easy birth. This method has helped thousands of women worldwide who are confirmed to have an easier and sometimes even pain-free birth. Includes: ~Guided meditation ~Theory of how your body works ~What is hypnosis ~Self Hypnosis exercise ~Deep relaxation exercise ~Birth Companion Relaxation Techniques ~Affirmations exercise ~Couple bonding ~Perineal Massage explanation ~Handouts: phases of labor, nutrition ~guide, birth positions, birth plan ~template, birth companion role guide, ~positive vocabulary swap, and more! ~Mp3 Relaxation Audios ~Q & As ~Telegram Group Support” Exchange 60€ per couple. Please contact Puala directly at +351933821554

2nd Thursday of each month: Jam Session