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“[in] sets” exhibition by Nélia Duarte Date: December 2, 2022 to January 6, 2023 Location: LAC – Creative Activities Laboratory Free entrance 🇧🇷 Synopsis | This exhibition results from accidental assemblages. Pieces that, when finished, find a pair, or pairs, in previous works. It is not, therefore, subject to a theme – although it incorporates it – nor does it follow the rigor of a chronological order. The pieces are linked through emotional dialogues that are established and can be observed and understood through the drawing and/or color selection. Thematic incorporation is understood in the sometimes caricatured representation of the figures, but also in the geometry that reveals a need for concreteness and limits. 🇧🇷 Bio | Born in Vila do Bispo in 1962. He has lived in Lagos since 1965, where he studied and worked. Curious and self-taught, she started drawing and painting in 2013 with a preference for oil; she idealizes in a passionate exercise, often influenced by literary suggestion, another of her great passions. She spontaneously resorts to human representation, developing life narratives through drawing and paint. Between 2014 and 2016 she attended a technical course in Multimedia and experimented with new approaches to visual arts, namely […]

Natalândia will be at Zoo de Lagos from December 8th to 24th. During Natalândia, Algarve residents enjoy a 50% discount on the value of their tickets, upon presentation of proof of address. In Natalândia, in addition to visiting the animals at the zoo, you can also participate in extra Christmas activities.

PARENTS + CHILDREN + READING = HAPPY CHILDREN, with Maria Abelha December 10th | 10:00 am Location: Municipal Library of Lagos Organized by: CM Lagos Duration: 2h Class. Age: Parents and other family members in contact with children Free participation, but subject to room capacity limit. Pre-registration by calling 282 767 816, the Library’s Facebook page or email Biblioteca@cm-lagos.pt Session on reading to increase the results of encouraging reading in different contexts, both professionally in schools, institutions for children and in the family environment in the daily lives of parents and children who establish the bridge between books and reading . Also how they can create other approaches and integrate the development of emotional intelligence and relaxation practices, relaxation and preparation for reading moments. Also noteworthy is the use of artistic expressions combined with stories as a form of expression.

DREAMING WITH BILL December 10th | 4 pm Location: Lagos Cultural Center – Duval Pestana Auditorium Organized by: TEL – Teatro Experimental de Lagos Duration: 50m Class. age: M3 Ticket: €7 (adult) | €5 children up to 12 years old He and she, alone in their universes, seek answers to their loneliness with Bill, an imagined being who takes the place of a guardian angel, a protector, but also a challenger, a questioner, who takes the characters and the public to reflect together on freedom, on our capacity to dream, to project the future and to understand the world around us. They swim in a sea of ​​existential questions, seen through their eyes as a child. The characters venture into the unknown, creating a magical universe where anything is possible. Theater intersects with image and sound, in an intimate interaction, exploring the loneliness, fears, questions that children experience in their day-to-day lives. For this, there is a resource to new technologies through videographic creation, which transforms the scenery and the actors into imaginary screens of the play. Through sound, the children’s thoughts visit the stage, the result of sound experimentation carried out in co-creation sessions with the school community involved […]

LAGOS READING CLUB: AROUND THE WORLD IN 11 BOOKS, with Sandro William Junqueira December 10th | 6 pm Location: Municipal Library of Lagos Organized by: CM Lagos Duration: 90m Class. age: M18 Participation is free, but subject to a limit of 20 mandatory prior registrations via telephone 282 767 816, the Library’s Facebook page or email Biblioteca@cm-lagos.pt ANNUAL THEME: THE WORLD SO FULL OF WORLDS, MONTHLY MEETINGS The world is vast. The books, infinite. By reading authors from different geographies we can increase the borders of our human and literary territory. Travel without leaving the same place. Opening windows in the head for a better understanding of ourselves, the other, and this global place we inhabit. Book being analyzed/read: Voices from Chernobyl, by Svetlana Alexijevich: Voices from Chernobyl is the most acclaimed work by Svetlana Alexievich, Nobel Prize for Literature 2015, considered her hardest and most impactful work. On April 26, 1986, Chernobyl was the scene of the worst nuclear disaster ever. The Soviet authorities hid the seriousness of the events from the population and the international community, and tried to control the damage by sending thousands of poorly equipped and unprepared men into the radioactive vortex that the region […]