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IN DECEMBER THERE ARE PARTY FLAVORS IN A DOCUMENTARY EXHIBITION AT THE SILVES MUNICIPAL LIBRARY During the month of December, in the António Lobo Antunes room, the Silves Municipal Library hosts a thematic documentary exhibition dedicated to Christmas gastronomic themes. It is a good opportunity for readers to discover a wide range of bibliography dedicated to this topic. On Christmas Eve we gather the family at the table and enjoy dishes that have been common over the years but always taste good! There are so many Christmas traditions around the world. This variety is also reflected at the table with many typical dishes; some more appealing than others, others more eccentric or colorful and, still, those that we are already finding on Portuguese tables. Which ones would you try? Let yourself be surprised by your Library’s proposals.

HAVE YOU EVER VISITED THE EXHIBITION “TREES AND CANAVAIS II”, BY JORGE SANTOS? The Misericórdia Church, in Silves, hosts the exhibition “Arvoredos e Canaviais II”, by artist Jorge Santos, until January 12th. The exhibition, curated by João Silvério, aims to pay homage to the work of artist Jorge Santos and his memory, in the place where he was born. His artistic production, carried out over almost a quarter of a century, is very vast: drawings, paintings, screen prints, photographs, videos, sculptures, tiles and a very considerable number of the artist’s books, but also annotated notebooks where we find studies for various projects in each of these areas of creation, many of them accomplished and others that, being part of his work process, contributed to many other works, some of them unpublished. The exhibition, the second in this cycle dedicated to his work, presents a selection of works very representative of his artistic career, from a more intimate perspective. It is a moment to share his memory and the legacy of a very unique, contemporary work closely linked to the human expression of a poetic and imaginary that is close to us. It should be noted that his works were exhibited […]

Homo Sacer has its genesis in Roman law to designate someone who never had or no longer had an identity and, in this way, surrenders his fate to the Gods: an Oedipus who, after gouging out his eyes, wanders at the mercy of anyone, a Roman soldier who, in battle, in the desire for victory, throws himself into enemy territory because the probability of returning is slim, the Calon who, in a time of transition to industrial society, were listed and persecuted with the epithet of having an aversion to work. They are faces of oblivion that melt. They are spectral bodies, the power of those who are there, but are invisible. Using the book “Homo Sacer e os gypsies” by Roswitha Scholz as a reference, Maria Gil, actress and activist, joins Teresa V. Vaz in a reflection on anti-gypsyism, with both anthropological and political aspects. Staging and dramaturgy – Maria Gil and Teresa V. Vaz Creation and interpretation – Afonso Viriato, Helena Caldeira, Kali Musa, Maria Gil, Miguel Ponte, Teresa Manjua, Vasco Lello Theoretical curation and dramaturgical support – Silvia Rodríguez Maeso Sound space – Nuno Preto and Samuel Martins Coelho Light design – Manuel Abrantes Scenic space – […]

Cantaloupe Café, in Mercados de Olhão, is pleased to announce that it will present on December 3rd, Sunday at 6:30 pm, a show with: Zé Eduardo threesome Formed more than two years ago, this trio quickly rose to not only local but also national notoriety, having already performed at the Hot Club de Portugal as well as at the Loulé Jazz Festival, among others, including several performances at Cantaloupe. Various circumstances (not unrelated to the pandemic) allowed the unpredictable coming together of these three musicians who were more than qualified for the difficult task of making a Jazz trio sound. Pianist Simon Seidl and drummer Marcelo Araújo accepted the challenge proposed by veteran double bassist Zé Eduardo and the result is clear to see. Reservations by phone: 289 704 397 During live music shows, on the first consumption, an increase of €8.00 (eight euros) applies to each consumer.

On December 6th, at Tempo das Artes (CECAL), Companhia João Garcia Miguel gives a creative writing workshop, where research and learning mix and intertwine. Building a bridge through writing between dreams and awakening. Based on a text, reading, writing and script analysis exercises will be developed. The workshop is free, upon registration via email at cinereservas@cm-loule.pt.

Students on the Professional Jazz Instrumentalist Course at Escola da Bemposta show the work they develop throughout the year at the school in their usual monthly performance. Take advantage and visit the Christmas Market in the garden in front of TEMPO and delight in the Christmas lighting on the building’s facade.

Salt Nativity Scene visitable from December 7, 2023 to January 7, 2024 09h00-13h00 | 2:30pm-5:30pm With artisanal elements, in river cane, built by the hands of basket maker Martinho, an apprentice of the late António Gomes; Collections of Ernesto Pires and the Castro Marim Parish Council; A starry sky that invokes the feelings that illustrate the story, of light, hope and love, and makes the base of this nativity scene, the “white gold” of Castro Marim, shine even more. A joint organization of the Municipality of Castro Marim and the Castro Marim Parish Council.

Final Audition 1st Period 7pm | initiation and 2nd cycle 9pm | 3rd cycle and secondary