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A new edition of the Choque Frontal ao Vivo program returns to TEMPO – Teatro Municipal de Portimão on January 25, 2024, thus starting the new season of live recordings of the popular Alvor FM radio program, which will last until May 16. Considered one of the most original radio programs south of the Tagus, “Choque Frontal ao Vivo” invites 125 people every month to watch the recordings and spend time with the artists, directed, produced and presented by Júlio Ferreira and Ricardo Coelho. Program recordings take place from 9pm onwards, with subsequent broadcast on Alvor FM radio, and interested parties must collect their respective invitations from the TEMPO box office, which are free of charge. January 25: Luís Capitão February 15: Entre Aspas (7th anniversary) March 14: Carlos Alberto Moniz April 11: Almatrix May 16: Riding a Meteor

O Cantaloupe Café, nos Mercados de Olhão, tem o prazer de anunciar que vai apresentar no próximo dia 21 de abril Domingo as 18h30, um espetáculo com: Mingo Balaguer & Fernando Beiztegui Reservas pelo tel.: 289 704 397 Durante os espectáculos de música ao vivo, ao 1º consumo, aplica-se uma majoração de 8.00€ (oito euros) para cada consumidor.

SYNOPSIS Have you ever imagined what it would be like to combine work, travel around the world and still be successful alongside your best friends? Yes, this is possible! Dihh Lopes, Thiago Ventura, Afonso Padilha and Márcio Donato, known as the “4 Amigos”, live this dream, not only sharing a solid friendship, but also the passion for providing lots of fun and good laughs to the public. The story of “4 Amigos” began with the simple idea of putting together a group to create a viable theatrical show. However, what emerged from the lasting friendship of these comedians was a comedy phenomenon, which has 15 million followers on Instagram alone, draws crowds to theaters and consolidates itself as the largest stand-up comedy group in the country. The painting “Fila de Joadas” is part of the history of the “4 Amigos” and became a hit on the internet, accumulating millions of views on YouTube and going viral on social media. In a line, the comedians take turns on stage telling jokes and improvising based on a theme that changes as the show progresses. “Fila de Joadas” is a true milestone and watershed in national comedy. It was from this special section […]

A Dancenema Associação Cultural apresenta a performance 𝐌𝐞𝐦𝐨́𝐫𝐢𝐚𝐬 𝐕𝐢𝐯𝐢𝐝𝐚𝐬, em cocriação conjunta de Nilsen Jorge e Thora Nadeshka, com conceito e assistência coreográfica de Sofia Brito. Espetáculo de dança contemporânea que tem como ponto de partida a recolha de testemunhos de ‘memórias vividas’ durante a época da ditadura, o antes e o depois do 25 de abril, partilhadas por quem viveu este período e ainda cá está para deixar o seu legado. Bilhetes à venda em https://tempo.bol.pt e na bilheteira do TEMPO. Entre 18 abril e 6 maio, estará ainda visitável no espaço do Café Concerto do TEMPO uma exposição com fotografias de Pedro Pinto sobre o percurso deste projeto cultural, que contou com cinco episódios de entrevistas feitas a quem experienciou o regime Salazarista. Projeto integrado nas Comemoraçöes dos 50 anos do 25 de Abril de 1974, financiado pela Câmara Municipal de Portimão e Direção-Geral das Artes.

Diogo Morgado, Jorge Corrula, João Didelet, Elsa Galvão, Ricardo de Sá, Henrique de Carvalho, Sara Cecília and João Redondo are part of the cast of this plot, directed and adapted by Paulo Sousa Costa, and assisted by Luís Pacheco. A Yellow Star Company production

CARPIDEIRA’s EP will be presented in concert on May 4th in Faro! Mark your calendars and reserve your presence via email at Clubfarense@gmail.com About CARPIDEIRA: CARPIDEIRA promises to mourn for us the loves and longings of the past. But it also invites us on a journey in which the harp and Portuguese guitar challenge each other in dialogue and constant dances, and with the expectation of taking us along unheard of paths. With: Ricardo J. Martins on Portuguese Guitar – Portuguese Guitar Helena Madeira on harp and voice ​You can also follow them on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube: “@CARPIDEIRAMUSIC”

SYNOPSIS Murilo Couto has been a Brazilian stand-up comedy personality since “everything was bush”. His style of humor is original, verbose, irreverent and sometimes insane. There is his “Murilo Coach” version, which does not aim to teach anything and only makes people laugh. After all, he is from that generation of comedians where grace matters much more than entertainment. You can find Murilo on SBT on the program “The Noite with Danilo Gentili”, on the cinema screen with “Exterminadores do Além” and even at some rap show, because “Emicouto” is a legend. But it is on the theater stage that Murilo Couto delivers his best performance and the definitions of comedy begin to be updated. His solos “Eu, Eu Murilo”, “Fazendo Suas Graça”, “2020”, “2021”, “Idiota” and “Gala Seca” have already drawn thousands of people to theaters in Brazil (and even went on an international tour, after all your humor is truly without borders). Now in 2023, after having his shows recorded for streaming on Netflix, Globoplay, Star+ and Amazon Prime, Murilo arrives at the theater with his new and audacious solo, “Ideias Soltas”, to once again raise the level of humor (or perhaps bring it down ). The fact […]