Have you ever imagined what it would be like to combine work, travel around the world and still be successful alongside your best friends? Yes, this is possible! Dihh Lopes, Thiago Ventura, Afonso Padilha and Márcio Donato, known as the “4 Amigos”, live this dream, not only sharing a solid friendship, but also the passion for providing lots of fun and good laughs to the public.

The story of “4 Amigos” began with the simple idea of putting together a group to create a viable theatrical show. However, what emerged from the lasting friendship of these comedians was a comedy phenomenon, which has 15 million followers on Instagram alone, draws crowds to theaters and consolidates itself as the largest stand-up comedy group in the country.

The painting “Fila de Joadas” is part of the history of the “4 Amigos” and became a hit on the internet, accumulating millions of views on YouTube and going viral on social media. In a line, the comedians take turns on stage telling jokes and improvising based on a theme that changes as the show progresses.

“Fila de Joadas” is a true milestone and watershed in national comedy. It was from this special section that the artists gained a new status and established themselves in their careers. To celebrate these 10 years of many stories together, they will launch an unprecedented special, on October 24th, on the group’s official YouTube page (, which has practically 4 million subscribers.

What makes “4 Amigos” so special is the evident closeness between the comedians, on and off the stage. Each one brings their unique and well-defined style to the show, providing a mix of talents that adds diversity and quality to the show, as they take turns on stage.

The result is a night full of laughter and fun, where the public can enjoy the best observations of everyday life, acid jokes about relationships, family and friendships. A guaranteed success wherever they go, the “4 Amigos” have become a comedy phenomenon.

If you’re ready to embark on a round of laughter, don’t miss the opportunity to watch this unforgettable show. Get ready to have fun like never before.

Audience – 16€Reduced Mobility – 20€