Duration: 70 minutes
Age rating: >12
He says that both the land and the sea hold memories and that they hide them everywhere as if they were layered, landscape books, even though the human presence has created new constructions on the memories. This is a search for a territory of the stories of the people of the sea, coast and interior, a visit to the silence at the top of the mountain range, the strength of religious and pagan festivities, a journey through the tourist avalanche, arrivals and departures, night environments and the multiculturality.

Creation: Teatro Meridional
Dramaturgy: Natália Luiza
Staging and lighting design: Miguel Seabra
Interpretation: Ana Santos, Emanuel Arada, Nádia Santos, Patrícia Pinheiro, Paulo Mota, Tiago Barreiros
Scenic space and costumes: Hugo F. Matos
Original music and sound space: Pedro Salvador
Making-of video documentary: João Pinto
Staging assistance: Adriana Aboim, Maria Mingote (intern)
Stage direction, scenography and editing assistance: Marco Fonseca
Assembly and technical operation: Hugo Tomás
Production and communication assistance: Rita Mendes, Teresa Serra Nunes, Tomás Júdice (intern)
Executive production and photography: Susana Monteiro
Production direction: Rita Conduto
Artistic direction: Teatro Meridional Miguel Seabra and Natália Luiza
Production: Teatro Meridional (2023)
Co-production: Cineteatro Louletano and Teatro das Figuras (2023)


Teatro das Figuras