Animale, dance at its finest. Debuted at the Venice Biennale and winner of the 2018 Danza & Danza Prize – emerging choreographer.
Animale is the deliverance of nature, of the human, of all that is sublime and animalistic. It is an absolutely unmissable piece that lives through an interpretation with a rare, chilling, truly sweeping quality. Rarely is such a perfect balance found between strength, intensity and poetry.

Duet for two dancers results from frenzied questions and answers, full of emotion, tension and humour. It’s all this and more. In this performance two men save themselves by striving to answer the many questions that assail performers of contemporary dance. This duet is “a repertoire of movements for all states of emotion and dance: unexpected, illustrious, impressive, spectacular, exhausting, erotic, beautiful.” Lilo Weber (NZZ newspaper)


Cine-Teatro Louletano