Boliqueime Food Festival is back with street food proposals and much more
The BFF – Boliqueime Food Festival takes place on the 26th, 27th and 28th of July, with an irresistible combination of street food, live music and crafts.

This event is an excellent opportunity for visitors to enjoy a wide variety of delicious delicacies, as well as enjoy musical concerts and explore unique artisanal products.

The street food component includes a selection of more than three dozen street food options, from traditional Portuguese dishes to options from different parts of the world.
In addition, the festival has several craft and sweets stalls, where visitors can buy handmade products by local artisans, as well as traditional sweets.
As usual, musical entertainment is also part of the event.

On the opening day, reggae is the dominant style with performances by the Algarve’s Charlice Bwoy & The Jah Army Band and Quem é o Bob – Tributo a Bob Marley. The night ends with DJ Beecuts.
The next day, it’s the turn of the Algarve’s The Black Teddys and The Peakles, with their unmistakable tribute to The Beatles. This second night of BFF ends with the sound of DJ Ulisse Dapa.
For the last day of BFF, the public can count on Viviane’s performance, in addition to the performances of Marc Noah and DJ Special K.
The BFF takes place at the Boliqueime Fairgrounds, with the organization of the Boliqueime Parish Council and the support of the Loulé City Council.

Entry is free.


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