Cinderella – Algarve Dance Company

Prices: €12.50 | school audience: €5.00
Duration: 90 minutes
Age rating: >6

This new creation of Cinderella reflects the journey of a dancer’s career, and the realization of a dream, from his days at the academy, to auditions for a professional dance company.
Cinderella is the only daughter of a widowed father who one day marries a beautiful lady, mother of two girls. Everything seems to be in harmony, except that Cinderella is a victim of envy and mistreatment by her stepmother and two sisters, due to her beauty and natural artistic talent. The stepmother does everything to prevent Cinderella from following her dream, boycotting any hope she has of becoming a ballerina.

One day, during a class at the dance school they attend, an opportunity arises to audition for a dance company. Spirits are high and everyone prepares for the event.

Choreography: Evgeniy Belyaev, Eliana Carvalho, Natalia Abramova
Interpretation: Algarve Dance Company