The Exhibition of the 5th edition of Fartoon – Faro International Cartoon Show, promoted by Faro 1540 – Association for the Defense and Promotion of Environmental and Cultural Heritage of Faro, will be under the theme “Water a challenge for Humanity”.

The main objective is to raise awareness among the population of the vital importance of this natural resource and to raise awareness about the sustainability of the water cycle, from its capture to its use, without forgetting its treatment and reuse.
It also aims to contribute to changing behaviors and consumption habits, in order to promote increasing and collective water efficiency with a view to preserving this vital resource. Raising society’s awareness of the value of water in all its dimensions takes on greater significance in the current context of hydrological drought that Portugal is experiencing, possibly the worst in the last 100 years, with almost the entire country in severe or extreme drought.

Climate changes experienced in recent years increase the probability and frequency of drought episodes and also heat waves, particularly in the Algarve and Alentejo regions. The drought affecting Portugal is also a cause for concern in much of Europe and in many countries around the world. In mid-July, half of the European Union’s territory was at risk due to prolonged drought, which is expected to cause a decline in crop yields in several countries, according to a report from the European Commission. The growing problems of water scarcity and drought clearly indicate the need for more rational and efficient water management, which is essential to overcome the global water crisis we are facing and to guarantee quality of life for our and future generations. This is about the future of the resource and of all Humanity.
This event once again has the support of the Municipal Council of Faro, União de Freguesias de Faro (Sé-S.Pedro) and the Municipal Museum of Faro.