Sing Flamenco and Jazz – Inma La Carbonera – Sing Flamenco with Chiqui Cienfuegos on piano and Gal Maestro on double bass.
A high-quality fusion project with 3 of the greatest musical personalities in Andalusia today.

Inma “La Carbonera” – is one of the most versatile singers on the current flamenco scene, who performs concerts all over the world. His musical personality was built in the Peñas Flamencas in Seville, where traditional Flamenco is alive, having worked with renowned artists such as El Bicho, Duquende, Pepe “El Marismeño”, Enrique “El Extremeño”, Amador Rojas, Antonio Canales, Manuela Carrasco , Olga Pericet or Rubén Olmo, among others.

Chiqui Cienfuegos is a pianist from Seville who developed most of his career as a flamenco pianist and it was on this path that he found his “masters”. Jazz is a musical genre that he approached a little later, and it is also part of his essence as a musician, being influenced by pianists such as Bill Evans, Chick Corea or Brad Mehldau Gal Maestro is a double bassist from Israel. She graduated with a degree in classical music and began her musical career a decade ago having been a member of several well-known Israeli bands. Gal’s interest in ethnic music has led her to collaborate with unique artists such as renowned Indian sitar performer Anoushka Shankar and Debashis Bhattacharjee. In recent years, she discovered flamenco music and moved to Seville where she works alongside musicians from all over the country.