This hilarious show, winner of several international awards, now arrives on national stages by João Baião accompanied by the talent of Cristina Oliveira, Fernando Gomes, Heitor Lourenço, Bruna Andrade and Joana França.

At Bernardo’s country house, taking advantage of the opportunity that his wife is away, he plans to spend a fantastic weekend with his beautiful and elegant lover who is celebrating her birthday.

Everything is well planned, nothing can go wrong…. Until… at the last minute his wife decides not to leave. Can everything get worse? Yes, actually, but it would take too long to explain here. Suffice it to say that the complications, mistakes and contrivances escalate at breakneck speed for an inevitable night of great fun and lots of laughs.

Datasheet ____________________________________________________________
Performers: João Baião, Cristina Oliveira, Heitor Lourenço, Fernando Gomes, Joana França and Bruna Andrade

Additional information ____________________________________________________________
Price: €22.00 (1st audience) / €20.00 (2nd audience)
Duration: 120 minutes
Age rating: >12

2 Scheduled Dates


Teatro das Figuras