Price: €12.50
Duration: 120 minutes
Age rating: >6

Experience the legendary journey of IRIS in “45 years of Rock”. Since 1979, they have been playing their history, from the first chords to the current consecration. At Teatro das Figuras, they indulge in an epic night full of authentic rock, emotion and tribute to a career that shaped generations. Prepare to be enveloped by a unique atmosphere, where the past meets the present. This isn’t just a concert, it’s a celebration of resilience, authenticity and the lasting impact of 45 years of music. Be part of a night of unbreakable communion between IRIS and their fans. A unique, memorable experience marked by 45 years of true musical power.

Band: Domingos Caetano, Carlos Guerreiro, Thierry Guerreiro, Francisco Mesquita, Flávio Henriques, Rodrigo Barreto
Choirs: Daniela Narra, Cláudia Cabrita, Inês Cruz
Road Manager: João Reis
Coaches: Fábio Palma, Valter Estevens, Paulo Mestre
Roaddies: Dinis Vaia, David Rolo
Secretary: Cristina Terêncio


Teatro das Figuras