January 7th | 10:30 am (next session 4/02)

Location: Lagos Municipal Library
Org.: CM Lagos
Duration: 45m
Class. age: 3-6 years
Free participation, but subject to the limit of 7 children per session, accompanied by 1 adult. Pre-registration by calling 282 767 816, the Library’s Facebook page or email

Based on Edwin Gordon’s Musical Learning Theory, these sessions seek to provide rich and diverse listening environments, through varied musical examples. As music is inseparable from movement, this session will have a strong component in movement, meaning that the child “sees what they hear” and develops better body and rhythmic awareness, experiencing sensations of fluidity, weight and space, starting to “feel what he hears and sees.” The best way for children to learn is through play and we will use stories, music, movement and musical instruments so that children can experience play.

The participation of the companion(s) is essential (adult(s) whom the child trusts) is essential, because they are a model for the child: the timbre of their voice is familiar as they know its timbre even before they are born . Furthermore, by having an active participation in the session, the companion makes the child accept it as natural and will feel safe to follow their example, participating, strengthening emotional bonds and promoting sharing with each other.

Pokko and the Drum
Pokko was a frog who lived with her parents in a beautiful and peaceful mushroom. Making noise and creating havoc was her specialty. His parents, wanting some peace, gave him a drum. And that’s where it all started!… The expected peace has arrived! Did it arrive?… Or did it take a while?… Or did it not even arrive?… Come and find out what happened!

Free parking – The Lagos Cultural Center and the Municipal Library of Lagos offer free parking in the Frente Ribeirinha (Avenida dos Descobrimentos) park for audiences at their shows/events. For this discount, the user simply needs to present, at the park reception, a stamp obtained at the ticket office of the Centro Cultural de Lagos or at the entrance to the Municipal Library of Lagos. The offer only applies to one hour before and up to one hour after each show/event.