Open Books with Carlos Filipe: presentation of “I don’t want to die here”

Day 27 – Saturday – 3pm

Carlos Filipe is from Aljustrel but currently lives in the Algarve. His photographic work focused a lot on feelings, on transferring to photography what was in his soul, what keeps us up at night, what worries us… almost like an exercise. He spent two years traveling the world and when he returned he decided to take up photography again but from a more adult perspective, exploring fields that were little explored such as pet photography.
“I don’t want to die here” is a book of texts and photographs that compile the lives of animals from various parts of the country with differences and similarities that unite and distinguish them. It contains stories of souls that were broken and came back together with lessons to teach us when we need the strength to continue.

The presentation of the work will be in charge of João Ferreira.

Free entry.


Biblioteca Municipal de Loulé