The opera is set in Rome in the 19th century. While painting a painting of Madonna in the church of Sant’Andrea della Valle, the painter Mario Cavaradossi, lover of the jealous Tosca, agrees to help the political prisoner Angelotti in his great escape. The police chief, Scarpia, whose political objectives hide a rare sadism, gives chase and discovers Cavaradossi’s involvement. The only way to achieve his goals is to use the beautiful Tosca, the target of his obsessions. Cavaradossi is arrested. Scarpia believes for a moment that he possesses the beautiful Tosca, even before the moment she stabs him. Although Scarpia dies, his dark plans live on. When Tosca thinks she can finally free her beloved Mario, he is executed and Tosca, before being captured, prefers to jump from the highest cliff in Castel Sant’Angelo.


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Price: to be announced
Duration: 160 minutes (with two 15-minute breaks)
Age rating: >6


Teatro das Figuras