A double bass, a saxophone, a pair of record players and a piano. It will be in the light of this unusual formation that Beethoven’s legacy over the 250th anniversary of his birth in 2020 will be reinvented. But how to recreate Beethoven’s work while it is perfect?

Carlos Bica’s “romantic” and especially melodic approach, which simultaneously drinks jazz, classical music and popular Portuguese tradition, combines with elegant and very free discourse, although not guided by the canons of the so-called free jazz , by Daniel Erdmann, with the many colors summoned by DJ Illvibe (Vincent von Schlippenbach), a gold digger looking for the craziest fragments of sounds, a manic DJ, and with João Paulo Esteves da Silva, owner of a fascinating musicality that crosses jazz language with a strong and unique Portuguese sensibility.

Together they accepted the challenge of Cineteatro Louletano to rediscover Beethoven’s work, giving it a new existence.


Cine-Teatro Louletano