Gabriela Lisboa, Unipessoal Lda

A success throughout Brazil in 2023, Leandro Karnal crosses the Atlantic with his show “Prazer, Karnal”. In a show that mixes class, lecture and humor, Karnal shares his personal trajectory and reflections inspired by great thinkers of the past and present: Aristotle, Saint Augustine, Albert Camus, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Bauman, Kant, among others.

With the world constantly changing, Karnal seeks to stimulate new thoughts and questions, proposing themes such as designing a life project amid the uncertainty of the future, how to face the repetition of routine, how to deal with loneliness and transform it into productive solitude, how to lead a happy life in the midst of so much unpleasantness and how to understand vanity. Bringing historical and philosophical culture into everyday life is the teacher’s broadest task.

With his sincerity and accessibility, Karnal presents these themes in a creative and engaging way, providing a learning and reflective experience for the audience. Get ready for a night of pleasure for the brain and liver, with one of the most renowned thinkers in Brazil. Dare to know! Allow yourself to think and laugh. Have more “Pleasure, Karnal”.

1st Audience – €30 2nd Audience – €25