Graduated in early childhood education from the University of Madeira; Teacher of Musical and Dramatic Expression of the 1st cycle of basic education, working at the Musical and Dramatic Expression Office of the Regional Education Secretariat; Participation in the Program “Operação Triunfo 3” produced by RTP1, having performed in 13 television galas, obtaining 6th place.

Presenter of the program “Posto7” on the cable television channel MVM TV in the following years: Musical “After all that Musical is this” at the Mala Posta theater Covers band School Daze (rock pop and ’80s) Back vocals by artists such as: Agir, Paulo Vintém, Nenny, and Dengaz (the latter for 7 years). Participation in “The Voice Portugal”, being the stubborn cop. In 2021 she signed with Warner Music Portugal, releasing her first single “Severa” that year; in 2022 the 2nd and 3rd singles “Coração de Pedra” and “Fado Moço”. In 2023 she released her debut album “Maldita Sorte” and debuted solo concerts.

Silves City Council

“SIDE B” consists of a cultural programming format, an initiative of the Municipality of Silves, which aims to regularly coordinate various equipment and areas of intervention.

In order to decentralize cultural practices and dynamics, given the size of the municipality of Silves and the need to reach various audiences, the same format brings together, in an itinerant rotation, two non-municipal/associative auditoriums located in the parishes of S. Bartolomeu de Messines and Pêra .

The guests of “Lado B” are given the challenge of coming to Silves to disclose their preferences in terms of readings, musical influences, in an informal conversation, revealing the lesser-known and often surprising facets and dimensions of their profiles, to carry out a solo concert or in a small formation in an intimate and engaging context.