The starting point of this session is the anthology CD of Oral Heritage of the Municipality of Loulé launched by the Louletan municipality in 2019, in an exhaustive compilation that is the result of a thorough investigation work developed since 2004 by Idália Farinho, Maria Aliete Galhoz and Isabel Cardigos. After the books Contos (vol.I), Romances (vol. II), Oração (vol. III) and Cancioneiro (vol. IV), also by the same team, this new compilation is, once again, a precious document for the knowledge of the cultural identity of the municipality of Loulé and for the preservation of its collective memory for future generations.

From this universe, a live musical show is now presented, with the participation of several informants who were involved in the collections carried out by the team of researchers, which are joined by several invited musicians and singers. This trip through the traditions of Loulé, which includes wheel fashions, work songs, traditional romances linked to festive seasons and other pearls of orality, will be accompanied by the tasting of various local flavors, as has been customary.


Cine-Teatro Louletano