“This is my love story” is a documentary theater show in which real people tell their life stories of fighting against fascism and Portuguese colonialism. We look at this recent past of resistance, but focusing attention on love and the loving relationships that were born within these struggles, analyzing how these relationships were able to survive the persecution of the Estado Novo and at the same time were at the basis of the sustainability of these political and military combats. Both love and resistance will be seen in a broad and comprehensive way, we will look for stories between couples, but also between parents and children, between comrades and the most disadvantaged.
In relation to the fight against dictatorship and Portuguese colonialism, testimonies from people who were in hiding, in exile, but also those who were part of the liberation movements of the former Portuguese colonies and also small acts of resistance in everyday life will be investigated.

Tickets: €8.00 | https://tempo.bol.pt

Executive Production: Ana Lage, Ruana Carolina
Production: Hotel Europa
Co-production: Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II
Creation and Dramaturgy: André Amálio
Co-creation and Movement: Tereza Havlícková
Interpretation: André Amálio, Mariana Camacho, Armando Morais, Mariana Morais, Isabel do Carmo, Margarida Tengarrinha (on video), Gouveia de Carvalho (on video)
Musical Creation and Interpretation: Mariana Camacho
Scenography and Costumes: Ana Paula Rocha
Lighting Design and Technical Direction: Joaquim Madaíl
Creation assistance: Ana Rita Ferreira
Video: Lydie Bárbara


TEMPO – Teatro Municipal de Portimão