The “Percutunes” Percussion Orchestra is already a regular presence at Silves Alegria do Natal, infecting the entire event venue with its joy and rhythm.

It emerged in October 2006, the result of a partnership between the Association of Tunis Communities and the Vertical Group of Schools of Algoz, which at the time had a Percussion Workshop underway at the EB 1 School in Tunes. The rehearsals began with the participation of some students from the EB1 School in Tunes who were already participating in this workshop, with Professor Carlos Peixoto being responsible for them. Initially, the instruments used belonged entirely to the Group, but over time the Association of Tunisian Communities acquired more and better instruments. Three years of hard work followed and, in 2009, the group took shape, gained more consistency and attracted more and more people’s attention. The first original songs appear, composed by the group and based on traditional Portuguese music, trying to somehow create a mix with current rhythms. On the street or on stage, the group presents a show that merges Bombos, Caixas and Timbalões, already participating in numerous parades, parades and shows.

It organizes annually in Tunes – Silves, the “RUFALGARVE” Festival, where the best percussion groups in the country have passed, such as “ECLODIR AZUL”, “TOCÁNDAR”, and their Godfathers “BOMBOÉMIA”.