“Two Brother Eggs”

Typology: school session
Duration: 35 minutes
Age rating: >6
Two eggs, hatched from a polar bear, decide with Alice to bet, who will fight back the fastest:
— What is it? It falls to the ground and turns yellow?
— It’s you! Says a Humpty Dumpty.
– It is not you! Reply Humpty Dumpty two.
—Is this a riddle? Alice retorts, confused, she had never done fencing!
— No, it’s a rhyme!
The two egg brothers burst into laughter, which is the same as saying: Zás! Boom! Go! Floor!
These two brothers, eggs, hatched from the nest, sing songs, chew swear words and with their dragon hearts, kept safe, they prepare to open our equals. Zás! Boom! Go! Up! Will start!

Conception and interpretation: Bernardo Souto and Miguel Amorim
Costumes and plastic design: Alice Albergaria Borges, Beatriz Bagulho and Madalena Castro
Original music: Cuca Monga
Videos and direct: António Mendes and João Estrada
Creation support: Maria Gil


Teatro das Figuras