Winter Sessions – The Sun of the Future

7:15 pm | São Brás de Alportel Volunteer Firefighters Pavilion

Original Title: Il sol dell’avvenire; Directed by: Nanni Moretti; Screenplay: Francesca Marciano, Nanni Moretti, Federica Pontremoli; Photography: Michele D’Attanasio; Music: Franco Piersanti; Editing: Clelio Benevento; Artistic direction: Mina Petrara; Production: Nanni Moretti, Domenico Procacci; Performers: Nanni Moretti, Margherita Buy, Silvio Orlando; P.O.: Italy, France; V.O.: Italian, French, English;


Giovanni, a famous director, is about to start filming his new film. A political film set in the circles of the Italian Communist Party, in 1956, when Soviet troops invaded Hungary. But between a marriage in crisis, when his wife and producer is finishing the shooting of a film by a new director, his French co-producer on the verge of bankruptcy and leaving him hanging, and a world of cinema that doesn’t stop to change, everything seems to be against him. Always on the edge of the precipice, Giovanni will have to rethink his path if he wants to glimpse the sun of the future…Midas Filmes

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